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Mandalay Mile Becomes The Neighborhood

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 6th July 2011 1:03pm
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In this weeks episode of "Stupid Marketing From MGM Resorts" we learn that the Mandalay Mile - the mini-strip of resorts that used to include Manadalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur - has now annexed New York New York and taken a new name: The Neighborhood.

A screenshot of their email is below. You can view it as a webpage here.


Its a beautiful day in "An MGM Resorts Neighborhood" a neighborly day in this beautywood, would you be mine? Could you be mine?

"Coming Soon: Rice & Co" - a pan Asian food exchange.

"the true center of excitement in Las Vegas" - does this mean that the Center of Excitement HAS NOT SHIFTED? Last time I was in Aria the place looked like a morgue.

"Ideally located right in the middle of the South Strip" - BWAHAHAHAHAH!

"dynamic spaces like nowhere else in Vegas." - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Finally... I love those icons and would love to see an entire set of MGM icons.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm very happy to hear about Rice & Co. actually. Every strip hotel should have a place to get noodle soup.

Fucking a, this is dumb.

"Right in the heart of the south strip" - ummm...it pretty much IS the south strip!!!

What a mishmash that newsletter is. When will someone save MGM from its self-destructive tendencies?

So how long before they start referring to Circus Circus and Slots-A-Fun as "The Playground"?

The people who come up with this stuff get paid how much?

The Luxor icon looks like it was lifted from the fretboard of a Jem 777.

Wouldn't South Vegas have been a better name? And would Excalibur be the New Jersey of the area?

They have been cross marketing these properties for 2 years or so and they typically will give incentives at properties other than the one you are staying at. I don't find it particularly offensive or exciting. Ans when I stayed at Aria a couple of weeks ago the casino was as busy or busier than the others we visited on the same nights (Cosmo, Paris, Planet Hollywood and Monte Carlo)

I couldn't agree more, "Right in the heart of south strip". Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I also agree, I want icons all all Vegas properties.

The longer I sit with it the more I find it amusing. I mean, it still makes me laugh every time and ultimately it's only marketing but something about the NY skyline, a castle and a pyramid being referred to as the neighborhood is....kind of....clever? I don't get how Mandalay Bay would fit into the equation, at least the one I find amusing in my mind.

The whole south strip thing is still absurd.

I'm surprised at all the snark. I think it's a great idea. Wife and I stayed at the Trop a week ago. Wouldn't even consider Mandalay because it was way too South. I don't think it has been marketed to me before that Mandalay is just a free tram ride South of the Trop. If I have the "neighborhood" and just have to walk across the street to MGM and the Trop, do I really need to do much else in a 3 day trip?

I am a big proponent of the North Strip concept, and think that Circus, the Riviera and the Hilton (for now) should tie themselves together anyway they can. It must be much easier for all the MGM properties at the South end to do the same thing.

I'm surprised they'd combine NYNY with it.

Still, hey, cross-marketing. Best not to take it too seriously.

Expect more of this fun to come!

Their mail ads now market to Monte Carlo, NYNY as well as Luxor & Excal.

I'm surprised they didn't mention also coming soon a fancy burger place and Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ.

Clip-art icons rock my face.

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