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Cosmopolitan Posts Floor Plan of Lanai Suite

By MikeE on Wednesday, 6th July 2011 9:43am
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Normally I wouldn't write you a little blurb on something so insignificant as a simple floor plan on a semi exclusive suite, but the recently published outline of Cosmo's Lanais reveals something you absolutely need to know before booking. Check it out. We'll wait.

Cosmopolitan Lanai Floorplan

See it? Before I tell you, let me make something clear. I got excited when these were released to the general public and wrote about them as quickly as I could. I contemplated hosting get-togethers for our Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic where swimwear was required, cigars would be shared, and that patio would be put to good use. The response all around the interwebs was pretty much the same: you can throw one hell of a pool party at a fairly reasonable cost.

>Unfortunately, I'm here to shatter that wet dream. Why? Because that damn outdoor Jacuzzi is smaller than a bathtub. Seriously, it looks to fit two people or maybe three if you're really, and I mean *really*, cool with one another.

If you're looking to have a raging pool party, go for Cosmopolitan's Bungalows. Raging infant baptism? The Lanais will do just fine.

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Comments & Discussion:

Another point to consider from the online description:

"800 sq. ft two-story suite"

The total indoor space is LESS than a Wynn Executive Suite, and it's divided between two floors.

The 550 sq ft. patio might reduce the claustrophobia slightly, but The Rain Man suite (or Hangover Suite for the younger generation), this definitely ain't. I mean really, one QUEEN-sized bed?

30% of the thing is a staircase. I don't get it.

The staircase doesnt take up as much space as it looks. Still...

I would love to stay at Cosmopolitan and I'm willing to pay the high prices they are charging but I need a room with 2 beds. The only room that doesn't have one bed doesn't even have a terrace, what's the point in staying there then if that's the case.

Are we sure that's to scale? Cause that sure doesn't look like 550sf. They may have just shrunk the terrace to fit it in the space allotted for the picture...

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