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Note To Self: Don't Get Killed In Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 6th July 2011 9:29am
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Just when you thought douchebags in board shorts or superhero impersonators were a real pain in the ass comes a trio of murders on The Strip.

Last night, one of our fellow tourists was killed after being punched in the face by another of our fellow tourists at O'Shea's. Two days ago, another person was stabbed to death on the bridge between Cosmopolitan and Planet Hollywood. Two weeks ago, another person was stabbed to death on the bridge between MGM Grand and New York New York.

I know that most of you dorques are too busy hunting royals, guzzling beers, chasing skirts or oogling sconces to be getting engaged in knife fights, but for those of you who have a tendency to get into fights over which is better Aria or Cosmopolitan... please don't, at least not violently.


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I always wondered why there wasn't LVPD on foot patrol...or at least I've never seen them. Other tourist areas with lots of foot traffic throughout the world seem to have them, but not LV. Is it technically legal to drink on the strip? If not, would police actually have to enforce these laws and therefore they avoid foot patrol?

I wish the police would do something to increase their presence on the Strip; it's getting out of control.

@Halton Yes, it is technically legal to have an open container on the strip. The cops don't care where you drink as long as you're not hurting anyone.
This is just nuts.

The only time I've seen LVPD on patrol was when the Flamingo corner was starting to get bad, over the course of the next two trips after some incidents there, I saw bike patrols of 2 LVPD going from Bills to Harrahs and back and that was the only time I saw anything other then the occasional stop in front of Osheas or something along those lines.

It's sad and if three murders in a short period isn't enough to get the strip players to do something either with the PD or by hiring more security to walk the front of their properties, it's probably not the end of it.

This is pretty ridiculous. For this very reason I avoid walking on the strip. I was on the Cosmo/pHo bridge about twenty minutes before the stabbing happened. There have always been stupid fights on the strip, but I don't recall a time when this many people were killed in such rapid succession.

The first 2 were clearly rival gangs running into each other and getting stabby, it just happened to be on the strip. The 3rd can't even be called a murder, manslaughter yes, but it's was really just a tragic result of poor decision making.

According to this, it was a single strike to the face that killed the victim. I'm not a gambling man, but what are the chances of that?


Vegas: From gangs it was created and to the gangs it has returned.

Let's not forget about the shootout in the Caesars elevator lobby a couple years ago. During my April trip, the strip was openly filthy with more pimps and bangers than I have ever seen before. One genius was selling drugs in the middle of gridlocked foot traffic in front of Casino Royale to what appeared to be a group of 17 year old females.

Maybe the police should stop their speed traps on Koval and send those officers over to the strip to patrol for actual violent crime (not that I've ever been bagged for speeding on Koval or anything, just saying).

I've always had weird crap happen on that bridge between MGM and NYNY.. been offered drugs a few times (only place in Vegas it's happened) Crazy shit.

Last time I saw a cop on the strip he was driving on the sidewalk commenting on some chick's rack over the speakers. I think there was a baby in the car, too.

I havent seen a cop on the Strip any of the times I was there. I did see some firemen when a couple of people got stuck in the elevator by Caesar's. The cops need to start paying attention to the bridges and everything else in general.

Dead guy shouldn't have taken Tyson's tiger.

I agree, that bridge from NYNY to MGM is very sketchy. Bally's to Bill's is a close second in terms of the sleaze factor. Frankly, I cannot recall every seeing a visible, human security presence on any of the bridges. Too much reliance on surveillance technology when what is really needed are more cops actually walking the Strip.

I saw a lot of police activity around IP on my trip last week. Had a teenage bum make a very explicit comment to my wife on the bridge to the PHo. Lots of peeps in handcuffs because of who-knows-what.
This is why I usually walk through the casinos and not the street.
It's weird, the south end of the strip has the bad vibes, stabbings, crowds, etc. The North end is like a total ghost town now. It's getting strange in those parts, I even almost feel like Wynncore is getting close to no-mans land.

The last thing Vegas needs is local gang yoots prowling the strip. I know Murren wanted to bring a city atmosphere to Vegas, but that's ridiculous.

"Vegas: From gangs it was created and to the gangs it has returned."

No, those gangs had class. They would never do that kind of business where business took place.

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