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Slylofts Drops Prices

By MikeE on Tuesday, 5th July 2011 11:28am
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I had the pleasure of staying in MGM's top floor havens a few times back when they first introduced them. Loved them, raved plenty about them, and couldn't wait to go back again and again. And yet, I haven't given them a stay since 2007. Why? They got a little full of themselves.

Perhaps it was because nobody really knew much about the Skylofts back in '06 or even '07, but you could score them for $510. That's stupid cheap. I mean, you'd pay nearly a quarter of that for roundtrip limo to and from the airport anyway, right? And yet, Skylofts was offering that (in a Maybach, no less), an enormous two-story room, and someone to fondle you 24 hours of the day. That's value. And it was value in the days when Vegas was running 97% occupancy without even trying.

But suddenly, you couldn't get Skylofts for under $1000. It didn't matter if it was a dead December or a scorching July. And this in the days Vegas struggles to keep 79% occupancy. Maybe MGM figured a little price manipulation would intrigue the <1% of the population who actually think, "It's $1000 a night so it MUST be good." Either that, or word got out. After all, it doesn't take much word of mouth to fill the rooms and inflate the price when you've only got 51 suites.

Regardless, a recent peek at the rate calendar shows they're back down to the reality that has faced every other high-end hotel in the last couple years. Dates are running as low as $500 and many others in the very reasonable $600-$700 range. On top of that, they're experimenting with a few package options to sweeten the deal.

It'd be hard to spend that kind of money and not stay in my beloved Encore Tower Suites, but I can't say I'm not tempted.

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And here I always thought Slylofts were what Stallone wears to be able to go on the rides at Disneyland.

Are they lowering the price because Maybach is going under and they've got to downgrade you do :gasp: a Mercedes-Benz? (Keepin it German)

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