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Wynn. Leading in Luxury, Laundry.

By Misnomer on Thursday, 30th June 2011 4:21pm
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No fist-pumping Jersey boy worth his saltwater taffy would ever put himself in a situation where he was without a gym at his ready disposal. And Wynn Las Vegas has a well-equipped fitness center.

Wynn also has a plethora of pools; great places for tanning oneself to a beautiful shade of raw sienna. Or burnt umber. Or blaze orange.

And we can just imagine how a fun loving guido might become afflicted with a Hardy-ttack if he discovered that he'd forgotten to pack so much as a single filigreed t-shirt. But not to worry. Wynn has laundry.

Wynn Douche Gear

Yes, the Wynn gift shoppe is now carrying these douche-tastic, Ed Hardy knock-off t-shirts, emblazoned with Wynn's signature Wynn signature.

Wynn Douche Gear

Also available in black. Oooh, and they've got fedoras too!

Indeed, Wynn Las Vegas is now your one-stop shop for all of your GTL needs. And with 38 clubs and 472 DJs onsite, you can party until your credit card is denied.

Wynn. Leading in Luxury Laundry.

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Comments & Discussion:

How many did you buy? :)

With all due respect and non-racistness, these shirts are only worn by Chinese "guido-wannabes." Have you seen this phenomenon yet? I have...

And here I thought the blaze orange link would take me to a picture of the Wynn himself. Guess that's really more a shade of baked gourd.

I have to admit Im disappointed but not exactly surprised.

I'm sure when the economy rebounds and Wynn goes back to targeting old-rich rather than young-clubgoer they'll get rid of the douchewear.

Yes, but do they come in satin jacket?

Man, I miss circa 2006 Wynn Las Vegas.

Hi, I'm Steve Wynn. And this special-edition Affliction apparel is the only clothing I've ever signed my name to.

I hope these didn't replace the standard logo T Shirt..those are classic..

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