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Hilton Dumps The Hilton

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 29th June 2011 2:48pm
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Egad. The Hilton Hotels Worldwide Craporation Incorporated has formally dissolved their marketing agreement with the Las Vegas Hilton, effective January 1 2012.

Not only does this mean no more scoring cheaper rates when booking via Hilton.com, or using Hilton club points towards reservations and all that jazz but it means that The Las Vegas Hilton, originally The International, will have to change its name.

When life hands you a lemon... make Margaritas!

Some may view this as a losing situation for the LV Hilton. The loss of the Hilton Marketing Machine will certainly cause some chickens to run around with their heads cut off, but the benefits of dumping the Hilton name and rebranding the joint with some exciting destination attractions and good vibes is just what the narcoleptic old gal needs.

Step one: hire the Doobie Brothers to play a permanent residency in the showroom. Step three: profit.

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Comments & Discussion:

If they still had Star Trek: The Experience, they could have renamed the hotel as the Final Frontier......

Returning to "The International" name sounds like a good one provided they own the rights to the name and any associated trademarks and logos or can get them rather cheaply.

I'm fully expecting a renaming that will be completely underwhelming.

Wow...now some Hilton, somewhere, gets to take over the "World's Largest Hilton" position!

@vespajet...I think you're right...and because they're SO dependant on convention business they'll need a national brand that planners can be confident in...maybe Comfort Inn & Suites Las Vegas Convention Center...Holiday Inn Las Vegas...Hyatt Place...
Or...to go 180 degrees in the other direction, is some luxury brand iterested in getting into the LV market? Fairmont or Ritz, maybe?

I think going back to the International would be pretty cool. They should have Elvis return to headline during the grand re-opening.

Or, maybe good ol' Sam should take this one and perform some of his rebranding magic!

Perhaps they get into bed with Hyatt and rename it the Hyatt Regency Las Vegas? Hyatt's Regency brand has long been associated with business and convention travelers, and since they are adjacent to the LVCC, it makes sense. Interestingly enough, Hyatt Hotels once owned and operated the Four Queens via the Elsinore Corporation, which they spun off in 1979 when Hyatt went private.

I too would love to see a throwback campaign here. The International, it just has this crazy cool ring to it. Could be a very interesting move to say the least.

Hey, you left out Step 2!
I suggest: ??????

When I think Hilton, I think of an entitled, self-centered skank. I propose a lateral move from the Hilton name - Cokewhore.

You could retheme the place as Paris' Hideaway and have every guest get a small dog and a bad of coke at check in. Or a sweepstakes in which the winner gets a night with Paris Hilton and a complete Ed Hardy wardrobe package.

The Hilton brand definitely has lost some panache since I was a youngster, but if we're going to compare what has gone more downhill -- the Las Vegas Hilton hotel or the Hilton brand -- I would choose the hotel. It wouldn't surprise me if the Hilton chain doesn't feel the property is up to the brand's standards and it also wouldn't surprise me if the property's owner, Colony Capital, doesn't want to spend much to fix the joint up to meet brand standards. It has really gone downhill over the past few years, in almost every way.
Like many of the medium- and bottom-tier properties in Las Vegas that benefited from inflated room rates in the middle of the last decade the LVH is now sucking wind as demand dropped, supply increased, debt can't be repaid and money to do even modest improvement, clean-up and renovation is unavailable. It's a whirlpool down the drain of failure and it is tough to stop the swirl.

My guesses for the renaming in order to save dollars. The Hilt, Ilton, or Ilto, with Ilto being my current favorite.

sandyastrogl1de "When I think Hilton, I think of an entitled, self-centered skank. I propose a lateral move from the Hilton name - Cokewhore."

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Maybe, in that same idea, they can just rename it the Las Vegas Lohan.

Hilton is certainly going to want a presence in Vegas and the convention center area makes the most sense. I'm not sure what other property is still available for Hilton to tie itself to. The cost to Colony of rebranding LVH will be significant. My guess is Hilton is upset about the property's decline and is negotiating to extract a larger maintenance budget from Colony. They might even be thinking about an outright purchase.

Off strip.
Nothing exciting.
No high limit lounge or perks that I am aware of (gave up before I spent too much there).
There were/are part of the "Resorts Players Club", but could care less about how much you played in Tunica or Atlantic City.
Trying to get anything out of a host there is painful.
Last two handpays I had took 20-30 minutes to pay out.

Still, off strip, and nothing exciting. They will continue to do a fair convention business, but only when there is a convention being held there.

We have passed up free food and rooms on many visits and they finally realized we were dead to them.

What's going to happen to their sign? Isn't it the biggest in LV?

Rename it the Continental. Have the great Christopher Walken don his silk smoking jacket and do the advertisements. More champagnya? This could bring new meaning to just the right amount of bad.

Put me down on the "International sounds crazy cool" list. I also like the idea of moving to Hyatt Regancy. I just don't think what chuck said will happen though. Many hotels over the years have shed their themes to go for a feeling of quiet luxury. The international/Hilton, has arguably never even had much of a theme. They were some of the pioneers of it, suggesting a luxury-filled stay for business trips. Point being, some hotels have a theme sitting for them if they want to run back to it and re-use it (TI, Luxor, Excalibur), but LVH honestly would have to dump insane amounts of money to even begin to resemble a themed resort.

What a great idea to hard core theme it something like Star Trek or old school vegas. I've always thought the property was very nice but they never gave me a reason to visit or stay there. While Star Trek wouldn't get me to visit the property, it might for a lot of people.

Good marketing ploy, but does the night with paris hilton come with the requisite tests and shots a few weeks later. Maybe they should partner up with major HMO/PPO's and redefine " players card " to complete that offering.

Since no-ones mentioned it - The Whyte House?

Probably the easiest thing would be for another big chain to step in and rebrand it with their name, like say, Hyatt Regency.

I for one hope for a throwback to The International .

Why did Kerkorian build the place off of the strip?

Plenty of land, and right next to the LVCC.

At the time, it looked like Paradise was going to develop into another casino corridor. The Landmark across the street was already underway, and if you figured casinos like the Dunes, DI, and Tropicana were going to keep their Strip golf courses, it made sense that you'd have less dense development over a bigger area.

You also have to consider the scale of the International: when it opened, it was about 3 times the size of the average casino hotel, and at least 50% bigger than the biggest casino on the Strip (Stardust). The original expansion plan called for three more tri-form towers, so it would have been making better use of all of that land around it.

If I wasn't so lazy I'd look up the total acreage of the International site and compare it to Strip casinos, but I'd guess it had a bigger footprint than most.

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