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Flamingo To Open Carlos'n Charlie's Mexican/Tequila Joint

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 29th June 2011 12:30pm
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Carlos'n Charlie's Las Vegas

For those keeping score at home at the end of the first period it is Tequila 1, Keno 0.

Flamingo is on the verge of closing their Keno room and converting it into a tacos/tequila joint called Carlos'N Charlie's. Carlos'N Charlie's has nine locations, six in Mexico (Acapulco, Cancun, two in Cozumel, Cuernavaca and Playa del Carmen) three in the U.S. (Austin, Myrtle Beach, West Palm Beach.) Plans have been drawn and are in the final stages of approval.

The restaurant will feature outdoor seating, a dj booth (hard rock) dining room, dance floor and a bar with an fascinating array of tropical drinks and margaritas. Yum.

Take that Senor Frog!

Big thanks to VT reader mas grande SteveCovington for the tip off!

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Comments & Discussion:

Both Senor Frogs and Carlos N Charlie's are owned by the same company - Group Anderson's.

You guys have the best readers!

I've never been to neither Carlos'n Charlie's or Senor Frogs but there was a Carlos O'Brien's in Riverside when I was younger that was DISGUSTING!! This was honestly the WORST Mexican food I'd ever have, even to this day.

This seems like an odd choice given they are expanding the Margaritaville complex into it's own casino area, etc. What other themes are they going to add to Flamingo? Doesn't seem like the best location, considering the keno room is near the back of the casino. Kind of the opposite of what they are doing with Senor Frogs over at TI. Should be interesting to see what Carlos'n Charlie's will end up looking like. From what I've seen, it looks like a Gilley's clone, minus the bull.

What about the expanded Margaritaville? This doesn't make any sense at all. Doesn't Caesars have another casino that needs a Mexican joint?

You would think that they would. Was there some kind of edict that every casino needs their own Mexican resturant?

Flamingo's needed some culinary options for awhile now, Margaritaville was their first 'hit' in some time, and remained their sole hit, so I can understand putting something in here. That keno/sportsbook area is a ton of wasted space and putting a restaurant/lounge in there should shift the dynamics of the floor a bit more, like the food court did.

I think it's a good move for them, if nothing else re-purposing that section will allow them to put another restaurant in there if Carlos doesn't work, my guess is it will work though, besides outside of Bally's Tequila Bar, what Mexican food is anywhere at CET properties? (I don't think Quesadilla at IP counts)

Hahahaha both times I've been to Mexico the day has ended at Senor Frogs and/or Carlos and Charlies. Lets just say on my Mexico trip back in February I ended up with no pants at Senor Frogs (which I didn't know TI had one of). This should be great, bring tacky Mexican flare (you don't go for the food you go for the atmosphere) to the Vegas strip. Hopefully they'll hire REAL Mexicans to work it and not some lame white guy trying his best to hold a Mexican accent.

Bally's Tequila Bar is a joke now... the last time we were there they had screwed up that awesome Happy Hour and changed the menu and setup. We figured that would be our last time going back if it was going to stay like that. Sad.

any idea when it will open?

I agree with you Steve, they did a number on the Tequila Bar. But then again the fact that it would have been considered one of CET's better dining spots outside of Caesars means they have a lot of room for improvement.

i like it.

they seem to be positioning the property to be the go-to party spot for 40-somethings, which i suppose the town lacks. with sin city, margaritaville, and now this, they'll have 3 bars with outdoor seating, all of which will (should) be void of the dreaded bottle service.

biggest question i have is if they have a dj booth and a dancefloor, does that mean the quiet and lush gardens will finally have the WHOMP WHOMP of bass reverberating till 3am?

as a long time regular at flamingo, i like what they are doing.

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