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Revenge of the Attack of the Return of the Sahara Liquidation Sale Photos

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 23rd June 2011 1:39am
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Sahara Sale Sign

If you haven't yet had the chance to eyeball the bajillion photos of the Sahara Liquidation sale posted everywhere, we've got a slew of our own, courtesy of VT super reader TwoFours who stopped by the Sahara Liquidation on the second day. Here's his description of the scene on the ground:

The auction let in 50 at a time @ $10 admission per person and you got a SBE half scale shot glass as a souvenir. The buildings were operating on limited power - no AC in the penthouse suite and dark in lots of areas. After seeing the bones of this building it needs to have a meeting with the wrecking ball. A few years back it was in shape to remodel, now there is no hope.

Sad. On to the pix... there are a lot of em. Commentary is mine, not TwoFours.

Sahara Sale Shotglas

This, and sweat, is what you get for a tenner. In Sam We Trust.

Sahara Sale Line

"I've got dibs on a poker table!"

Sahara Sale Valet

Even the Valet sign is for sale, BYO toolbox.

Sahara Sale Terms

The terms of the sale. If you understand point 11, explain it to me.

Sahara Sale S Pulls

S is for sold.

Sahara Sale Glass

Everything must go! Plaster, carpet... even dead bugs!

Sahara Sale Corpse

Unsold casino stools. Fart sucking mechanism available for rent, ask for Sam.

Sahara Sale Chand

$6,500. Calling John Unwin.

Sahara Sale Display

The made it somewhat easy by putting all the hotel room crap in a fancy array and attaching prices to them.

Sahara Sale Display Chairs

I'll bet the slot / casino stools were hot items.

Sahara Sale Display Fixture

Ever wanted to mount a tissue box in the wall? For $2, now you can.

Sahara Sale Display Art

Camel art.

Sahara Sale Display Camella

By far the best item of the bunch... the camel lamps. I'll bet all these are gone by now.

Sahara Sale Boutique

The Papaya King's Bric-a-Brac Emporium. Dude has four camel lamps on his cart.

Sahara Sale Plates


Sahara Sale Burritoplates

Colored plates.

Sahara Sale Kitchen

For those in need of greasy spoons...

Sahara Sale Pans

... or rusty pans.

Sahara Sale Banquette

House of Lords banquette

Sahara Sale Sconce


Sahara Sale Liberace

Oh, hai George.

Sahara Sale Beatles

Is this whole thing pathetic?

Sahara Sale Bolger

Not sure who this is... Ray Bolger and...?

Sahara Sale Liztaylor

Liz Taylor and Husband #5

Sahara Sale Foyer Table

A plank of marble.

Sahara Sale Room


Sahara Sale Fontainebleau

You're next!

Sahara Sale Dome

A view from the "terrace"

Sahara Sale Patioset

Patio set

Sahara Sale Tape

Attn: skateboardists.

Sahara Sale Pool

Never again.

Sahara Sale Uhaul

Load it up.

Sahara Sale Mattresses

Hope you inspected these with the spooge and piss light before buying them.

How sad...

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Comments & Discussion:

If only SBE would make their Strip entrance more inviting for pedestrians.

Not excited for "SLS Las Vegas" at all.

The place had great furniture, I'd definitely buy the lamp and palm tree picture.

~ Jonathan

# 11 means that if something is marked $1.00, you actually pay $1.10 for it.

Some of those pictures reminds me of the old school wheel of fortune. When you got to shop for merchandise after solving a puzzle.

The smaller shot glasses are the same ones I got a few of last summer AKA the $1 kamakaze shots- interestingly enough the same ones I was told were sold out/long gone during the final month of the hotel being open.

eBay is now filthy with camel lamps.

Oh Misnomer..."filthy with camel lamps"...such beautiful language!

I would have been scooping up plates at 3 for a $1.00...I thought about making a run with a camel lamp in December..rats!

#11 is a commission that is going to the 3rd party that is organizing/running the liquidation.

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