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Is The Palazzo Brand's Days Numbered?

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 20th June 2011 2:14pm
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Over the last few months, some strange things have been happening to the exterior of Palazzo and Venetian which make me wonder if Las Vegas Sands is on the precipice of merging the MEGACENTER™ complex' brands and dropping the Palazzo moniker altogether. The end result would be a single solitary "Venetian" with four towers - the original Venetian, Venezia, Palazzo and the paused St. Regis condo tower. The operational efficiencies would be instantly evident - marketing and maintaining the brands of one resort is less time intensive as marketing two.

To do this, the Palazzo name and signage would probably need to be de-emphasized, voila:

Exhibit A: just over three years after opening, Palazzo has taking its name from the spine of the building.

Palazzo removing signage

Exhibit B: Venetian is testing out a new Palazzo-inspired paint scheme. Gone are the horizontal stripes and the frothy white crown, replaced with solid copper colored sections.

Venetian repainted

Whatever could they be doing to the roof facade? A simple replacement or preparing it to install "Venetian" signage at the crown?

Venetian repainted

Exhibit C: Looks like they're painting the sides of the Palazzo. The sign on the south spine has not been replaced. Also worth mentioning is the newish "building wrap" they've installed over the shell of the stalled St. Regis condo tower.

Venetian repainted

But do they really need to make changes to the exterior of the buildings to enact a brand change like this? A coupla emails, a press release and some layoffs would send the message of operational efficiency clearly and effectively... the paint job could come later.

Any theories? Or tips.

Big thanks to VT reader Kramer99 for the great photos!

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it looked like they were just starting this when i was out there in April. The wrap on the St. Regis part wasnt on there yet but i noticed that the palazzo letters were gone from the sides and that part of the venetian closest to the strip was all torn up for something.

Not smart if that is what they are doing. Palazzo is newer and I still get lost wandering around between the two (upper level). How would they explain two casinos for one resort?

Fwiw, the signage that was removed from the east facade was pointed out to me by my caddie while playing at the Wynn last week. He said he heard there was some copyright infringement.
That sounded odd though. A single marketing brand makes more sense.

Or maybe they just removed the lettering to make it easier to paint?

I'm a resident.
I've been curious as to what they were doing as well.
Possibly replacing it with neon/signage with flashing lights?
Signage that can be seen from across the valley?
They can change the exterior, but the interior and service remains the same.
Digging the St. Regis construction wrap though.


I noticed this back in April as well. I searched around at the time and found an article from the Sun regarding a dispute over the Palazzo name:


I agree, if that is what they are doing, bad idea. I know it sounds odd but I've never been a fan of the Venetian, but I like Palazzo. Even though it is only a name change, I would be less inclined to visit the Venetian megacenter.

I would bet that to most people it's the same hotel anyway.

Sounds like they are doing what Wynn did to Encore. Encore ceased to be an independent hotel (as evidenced by a lack of an independent website and other brand efforts). Even Encore at Wynn Macau simply said "Wynn". Point is, marketing two hotels in one resort is probably more efficient than marketing two hotels as seperate brands in the same resort.

I think you answered your own question. They are painting the building. The signs come down and will go back up once the building is finished. They could start to market the properties together more but I don't see a branding change. I must say that wrap looks awful, maybe it looks better in person though.

When I was in town earlier this month, the St. Regis wrap was blowing freely in the wind, making it look even more pathetic.

To me, the Palazzo and Venetian alreday were virtually indistinguishable.

I hope they don't change the Ventian's exterior. While I rarely gamble or go in there, I have always like the pinkish exterior, with the white top and the blue windows. I think it looked much better than the Palazzo.

The wrap looks better than the steel just sitting there rusting away. Maybe they should do the same with that Echelon site. Just throw a big blanket over it and tape a "COMING SOON" sign to it.

This makes a lot of sense to me. The fact that the resorts are so tied together, really makes it just feel like one huge one anyway, so why not condense operations and signage completely, from a business standpoint, I think there's very little value in "Palazzo" as a name or brand at this point.

What I have heard from Sands employees is the following: First a disclaimer. The employees I spoke to were not members of the marketing and/or PR department. What they told me is when you look at pictures of the strip, taken by the City of LV/LV Convention and Visitors Bureau, etc. they do not include the Venetian/Palazzo complex. Supposedly the city told them if they did something to make the property more photogenic (i.e do something with the St. Regis condos with the scafolding, etc.) the city would include the said complex in more pictures. As such, they put a wrap over the beams. The wrap cost around a million bucks to create and put up. In addition, I've heard when Sheldon is flying over his properties he doesn't think the Palazzo signage is visible enough. As such, he has ordered it redone to make it bigger, brighter, etc. I haven't heard anything about what is going on with respect to the Venetian, but I would suspect that they will be putting up signage to denote the property's name on the building kind of like most of the properties in town have (i.e. Wynn, Encore, TI, The Mirage, etc.). This makes sense because it helps with brand recognition/marketing.

I haven't heard anything about the Palazzo's name being changed. Again, not representing Sands PR or Marketing, but from what the employees I talked to said, they are making the Palazzo name more visible which I intrept being they are not renaming the said building/tower/hotel.

Thanks for the awesome site Chuck! Keep up the great work!

Cool stuff vgasanonymous, definitely plausible on those accounts. I can say that even back when Palazzo first opened and we sat across on the patio at Social House, I was taken back by how hard it was to read the signage of the property, not that the Venetian was any better, but I can see that as a real issue too.

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