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Is Excalibur De-theming?

By Misnomer on Monday, 20th June 2011 12:18pm
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Excalibur Becoming The Castle

While staying in a 22nd floor room at Tropicana last week, I had a straight-on view of Excalibur, and its Smurf-hat inspired spires. The tallest spire was missing a huge panel, leaving its inner scaffolding exposed. The panel itself was nowhere in sight, and there was no one doing any work to the area surrounding the hole. (Apologies for the resolution of the above photograph, but it was taken through the perforated sunscreen film on the Trop's windows.)

What to make of this? Would MGM, Proffers of Meh, really attempt to de-theme their Arthurian Palace? Is the missing panel a test patch? Remove the cartoonish spires, and Excalibur does begin to look more like a quaint castle in the highlands, and less like a Playmobil playset.

Consider, too, that the Excalibur Twitter feed has recently, increasingly, been referring to itself as, "The Castle". Might this be the start of a re-branding? "The Castle" has a certain regality to it that's more, "Kate & William's Royal Wedding" than, "Kate Plus 8 at The Fun Dungeon Arcade".

Then again, maybe it's nothing more than a good place for a Frenchman to taunt the English below. (C'mon, you knew we'd end up here, didn't you?)

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Comments & Discussion:

Hmm...interesting idea. Pull off the tops of the towers, maybe a few tricks with paint and it's a whole new brand. But why?

Love the Playmobil reference.

I fart in your general direction. Ha.

They can de-theme all they want, but can they get rid of the smell?

This reminds me of the 2007 rumor that Luxor was going to be rebranded as The Pyramid. They partially dethemed that joint, but obviously never went ahead with the name change.

Enough with the fucking dethemeing. If you think your property is getting stale, renovate the place. Caesars Palace has been around for 45 years and it seems to be working out for them.

I think that the Excalibur's theme could be made a little less immature... so softening the colors could help.

That said, a complete detheming is boring.

I think a middle gound needs to be found... a present but subtler theme would be good.

The place started detheming once you stopped getting medeival coins out of the slot machines years ago.

"The Castle" is the name of a goth bar/industrial nighclub here in Tampa. Maybe they should re-brand the Excalibur as that. Just paint the outside dark red and black and throw some dragons in there somewhere. Big black goth hotel. Actually that might be kinda neat. Take the Tournament of Kings out and make it a gigantic nightclub.

I think it was Marc Cooper who described the three properties of Mandalay, Luxor, and Excalibur as being casinos for the upper class, middle class and working class (in order). Unless the Excal is going to do a complete makeover ala the Trop, I'm not sure de-themeing it would change the place much.

What I always found interesting was that the hotels in the "Mandalay Mile" all pretty much cater to the different class of tourist families. You have Excalibur for the grinders, Luxor for the average everyman, Mandalay Bay/THEhotel for the well-to-doers, and Four Seasons for the "We couldn't find a nanny".

Is it possible it's just falling apart?

Excal goes goth? Brilliant idea! Let the property that is the most family-friendly go completely the opposite way ---only in Vegas could you pull that off.

if they are so inclined to change it, then i hope the change is minor. maybe repaint the spires to a single color, make it a little less kitschy/cornball, but keep the overall theme.

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