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First Look: The Newly Renovated Rooms at Bellagio!

By MikeE on Saturday, 18th June 2011 2:38am
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Recently, one of the jewelry industry's top conventions, JCK Las Vegas, made its way to Mandalay Bay. You may be wondering, "Why is this of any interest to me?" Simple. Because convention sales and group bookings are worth big money and under the MGM canopy, this means first dibs on things we've all been salivating to see.

Things like the newly renovated rooms at Bellagio.

Fortunately for us, one of our loyal readers was at JCK and eager to grab a few shots.

Bellagio's guest room hallways were outdated before the resort even opened in '98. Now they're elegant with just a hint of edge. We're not crazy about the wall coverings, but that asymmetrical floral pattern with black foliage on one side is awesome. Light fixtures seem to be unchanged.

Bellagio New Room Renovations

The sleeping area. The wall grabs your attention and not in a good way. Perhaps it works better in person as we can better see the flowery motive between the throw pillow and wallpaper. The headboard definitely doesn't scream "luxury hotel," but the white marble atop the nightstands make a beautiful combo against the green.

Bellagio New Room Renovations

The work area and window. The embroidered sheers are lovely and can be appreciated while the blackout curtains are closed. Yes, the sheers are in front of the blackout curtains. Odd.

Bellagio New Room Renovations

The lounge area features art that carries over the design motive of the sheers. The green velour seating and carpeting is gorgeous - totally loving it.

Bellagio New Room Renovations

More of that white marble adorns the bar and media area replacing what was once the largest behemoth of an armoire in all of Las Vegas. The deep browns work beautifully with the green. Closet panels carry over design influences from the hallway framing a multidirectional television that swivels both ways, extends out, and even tilts up and down. Way cool.

Bellagio New Room Renovations

Little has changed in the bathroom. A new mirror features lighting embedded inside while basic fixtures are a tad sleeker. Toiletry containers and ceramics have received a refresh as well, but they neglected to add a small television. Even Flamingo's "Go" rooms have TVs near the toilet - come on!

Bellagio New Room Renovations

There's no denying a few odd/cheap design choices, but we're overall pleased to see a long overdue refreshment of Bellagio's standard rooms. The main tower will be completed first followed by the Spa tower deep into 2012.

On somewhat of a side note, while reviewing these pictures, everything seemed oddly familiar. The wood paneling design against the mirrored closet door, the white marble against the green carpet... Clearly, whoever designed Bellagio's newest rooms loved the Encore Tower Suites lobby. Not a bad place to get inspiration from.

Huge thanks to VT reader Isaac for sending over the shots and info!

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Comments & Discussion:

Is MGM getting a discount from Ted's Modern Minimalist Emporium?

Looks very nice overall, but that wallpaper pattern says "Tropicana" to me, not "Bellagio." Particularly after stepping in from that hallway. Kind of a jarring disconnect there. That said, I'd love to stay there.

horrendous. truly a sign of the apocolypse. Is this a joke?

Bellagio is supposed to be "Classic European Elegance." What about bizarre modernist flowers swooping out from behind the beds fits into "Classic European Elegance"???????????

Well, Bellagio will never be mistaken for Wynn. I do like the corridor carpeting, but it doesn't look right with the wallpaper, imo. Yes, the fixtures are the same. Here's a photo of the old corridor: http://bit.ly/mdol9D

The white, tufted vinyl headboard certainly doesn't convey the luxury that Wynn's headboards do. I actually like the bold wallpaper behind the bed.

The embroidered sheers turn me off. They remind me of my grandmother's curtains in the 1940's. Sorry.

The carpeting and lounge chairs are stunning; my favorite part of the room, especially the carpet.

I thought all Bellagio bathrooms had TVs, or was that only in Suites?

My uneducated impression: An improvement over the old, but MGM Resorts isn't capable of capturing the essence of luxury.

Nice, Mike!

UGH....This just not work for me. Those horrid green chairs, that headboard, Grandma's curtains? To me it looks outdated already. MGM continues to amaze me...in a very bad way. Your hotel is named after and looks like a resort town in Italy. EMBRACE IT! Stop fighting it.
That hallway carpet looks like it suffered from water damage or mold. I wonder if they just couldn't decide.
Not a room I would pay to stay in...and that is sad.

Biffed. Looks terrible.grammar sheers to Tropicana wall paper to hospital room bed. Looks like an interior design student threw up.

The Flamingo called. It would like its Go Room back.

Not good enough for the flagship property of MGM. It's like the designer randomly borrowed elements of Wynn, Cosmo, and even the remodeled Mirage rooms. Each element might be fine on its own, but nobody checked whether it all fit together within the context of the Bellagio. That bed is a total fail on the "old world elegance" that Bellagio was built to embody.

PS the toiletries at Bellagio are still better than Wynn's nursing home scented line. JS.

I'm really diggin the new rooms- especially the hallway but I think the the beds and flower wallpaper should go. My favorite part of the room is the media area. Very elegant.

For those who say that the rooms dont have the "old world" design, I think it's because it's not in style anymore (in terms of new Vegas hotel rooms) I mean look- every new or recently renovated hotel room on the strip has the contemporary, modern look including the European themed hotels such as Palazzo, Venetian, Paris, New rooms at Caesars and now the Bellagio
It's just the era of this sleek, modern design. Right?

I agree with JohnD on the toiletries. I don't believe Bellagio has changed them since opening day, and they're great.

I just checked a five year old bar of Wynn's Bambu lemon grass citrus bath soap to see if it smelled like a nursing home :) After five years, it doesn't smell like anything.

Now, THIS is a headboard!

You noticed that CityCenter's whole TechnoTron Command Centre system turned out to be so received by customers that they neglected to include it here.

Yup, there's nothing European about this at all, and I can see where it turns some people off. That "Buckingham Palace, with the slight touch of a circus" feel is gone. I honestly didn't think the hallway was that bad but the headboard wall is terrible, and I don't think the designers bothered to notice how the green carpet reflects badly against the polished wood of the entertainment wall.

It looks to me like they brought in the same team as the Mirage renovation, and gave them a Mirage budget with a note saying that the Mirage budget of yesteryear is the Bellagio budget of today.

Score Mike...

That said. There's a lot here that is just wrong. Wrong all around. The oversize graphic wall is a mess. Total f*cking clusterf*ck mess. I don't know why MGM feels the need to do sh*t like this, but it really pisses me off as its the antithesis of what Bellagio is. And the headboard is far too minimalist and blah. They could have taken a cue from the Cosmopolitan on the headboard if you ask me.

Curtains nice, furniture upgrades nice, art is kind of generic, but what isn't at any MGM property anymore. The behemoth media center is a 50/50. I love the mirrored closet door, oversized knobs, and white marble, but still, its a behemoth of wood against a wall. It just looks like a sea of brown, they could have gone another direction.

I'm not a fan. That being said, glad they're upgrading. But still...this is what we've waited for?

Dear Jim Murren,

Just because you enjoy minimalist, boring, and vague surroundings doesn't mean the general public does. Your collection of resorts used to be loved because each one offered a unique experience to visit over and over. While you might be scared of anything that may be fun or whimsical, there are plenty of people who come to Las Vegas to live in a fantasy world, not a stuffy museum of modern art. The reception of CityCenter and your company's financial state might be a sign to you that the Vegas tourists aren't interested in something you can find in an airport lounge. Instead of hiding from your theme, embrace it! That's why Las Vegas thrived so well in the 90's. It was able to be both fun and luxurious. Now thanks to your control of half of the city, you're almost able to reach your goal: making the most exciting city on earth dull.


PS- You'd probably find the Mona Lisa too "detailed".

The rooms have gone from "Rich old grandma" to "Rich old grandma tries to go modern" Really, the only thing I like is the headboard. Their rooms look small to. They did the same thing to Mirage. Except Mirage got rid of the "grandma" flower look completely and replaced it with complete modernness. Bellagio tried to retain some "class" I think. The bathrooms look like TI's almost. I DO NOT LIKE THE SHEERS on the curtains in this room at all.

Nothing special, but a nice improvement. Looks like a lot of the Atlantic City upgrades over the past 5 years. At least there are flat screen TV's.

Looks functional and comfortable, which is really all that matters to me.


^ mac nails it.

The headboard wall makes a statement, but I'm not sure that statement fits Bellagio. Personally, I'm not a fan of the green chairs or carpet. It will be interesting to hear reactions from guests as time goes on.

If the photos were shown without the hotel name, I would have thought it was a decently nice, yet pedestrian remodeling job. On par with the paint-by-numbers upgrades done at Mirage/TI. But Bellagio is supposed to be the crown jewel. The fact that ANYthing was kept intact in the bathroom tells you how serious they were about keeping Bellagio's reputation from sliding further into mediocrity.

You know, these rooms are not as nice as they should be but, there's something about the place, something that won't let that luxury feel go

I wonder what Steve Wynn would think about these rooms (if he could see them!).

But that something that it still has is a result of Wynn's original design. It's only a matter of time until the casino and lobbies also start looking like Aria, THEHotel, etc. Again, it's not a BAD thing, it's just homogenized.

This reminds me of the episode where the Brady Bunch developed Dysentery in a bowling alley.

I can't believe I am saying this, but I have stayed in nicer Hampton Inn rooms. What the hell happened to the classic Bellagio, I loved that place. Somewhere Steve Wynn is laughing his ass off.

I give it two charred taints. #fail

Tropicana's new rooms look a hell of a lot better than this. What the fuck was MGM thinking? Mirage even looks better than this, and that's really not saying much.... This has me hoping that MGM goes under, sooner than later. This is EXACTLY why we need more independent operators on the strip.

Holy shit.

Not bad, not great. I guess we are so spoiled by the roomy rooms in other hotels that we wouldn't bother to stay there anyway. Why would you want to stay in that little room when for the same or less you could stay at Wynn, Encore, Cosmo, Palazzo, Venetian etc. Now they are making the rooms so underwhelming that's not even a selling point. The fountain view? Much better from the Cosmo.

i think i just threw up in my mouth a little

Wow, tough crowd!!! Next question then: Is this a big FAIL because:

a) Interior designer run amok. Too obsessed with unfortunate current trends in room design to bother actually matching room decor with Bellagio brand?

b) Renovations R Us. Done on the cheap to save money, using leftover Tropicana wallpaper?

c) Too many dicks in the pie. Or actually, one too many -- Murren -- having the final say on design and in the end producing a clusterfuck of incompatible elements?

MGM never got what made the Mirage special and the same goes for Bellagio. Please MGM bite the dust and quit screwing up Vegas!

I admit, I loathe green so I'm not exactly unbaised.

But this is not Bellagio.

I like modern, and I think some modern-ness if done WELL would work with Bellagio (Italian Modern styling looks cool).

But... this is just... wrong.

That said, its not all bad. The closet/TV panel/countertop looks good. The bathroom wasn't ruined either.

But the carpet in the rooms is eeeew, and the flowery-mural wall just needs to die.

The Mirage (yes, the new modern Mirage) looks a LOT cooler. And Aria kills this.

Yeah, I know, my moniker seems like I'm gonna rave about the changes, but the name actually dates back to the day Bellagio opened. Since then, in fact the day that MGM walked in the door, taste walked out. The first indicator of what was to come was the removal of the elegant buffet sign and it's replacement with stark, interior lit, individual blue cut-out letters, looking as tasteless and out of place as though a K-Mart with blue lettering instead of red had opened up in the former buffet space. Things slid downhill from there. And now the latest: the glorious Fontana will be turned over to outsiders -- but at least, I suppose, it will be put out of its misery. What's next, the conversion of the village facades overlooking the lake to something garish and non-sensical like what MGM did to Treasure Island? No one will ever be capable of underestimating the taste of the MGM design team, they never cease to amaze. Oh, and the room refurbishment? I agree with the poster who said he had stayed in a Hampton Inn room that had better decor. The whole project leaves me cold, maybe it's a generational thing, but as for me, I'll stick with Encore.

With the right people with the right vision of the true concept behind Bellagio, that resort could become the most beautiful, elegant resort in Las Vegas (and probably in the world). It is a shame Bellagio is in the wrong hands.

I can't see this, and not be reminded of DeRuyter Butler's interview on the Vegas Gang Podcast, when he talked about what MGM has done with Bellagio since they took over. If I recall, it was something along the lines of, "This was designed to be Lake Como, with a very specific style...and they just don't seem to get that." I would say that, whoever signed off on these new rooms, does NOT GET what the Bellagio is about.

A few people have mentioned how the "trend" is towards the modern...but last I checked, people were still paying top dollar to stay at the Bellagio OVER Aria. They should have updated the classic European elegance, not abandoned it.

Two thumbs down.

Just awful. What I don't understand is why they didn't redesign the room's decor based on the updated Salone Suites, which were redone *beautifully* a couple of years ago. (http://bellagio.com/hotel/guest-suites.aspx). Maybe they thought the brown+beige+gold thing was too similar to the Wynn 1.0 rooms?

Clearly, I'm in the minority here, but I like it. It's different, yes, but still looks much MUCH better than what Bellagio was. The old rooms looked like they were designed by Donald Trump. Too much gold and dark wood. Anything that moves in the opposite direction of the old rooms is good.

@stevecovington, Dorian, RobbieNomi, LeoNYC
I share your feelings about the business end of things (need for more competition and less control by a single operator). It would end the homogenization, at very least.

did you also notice the background music in the casino? Another commenter long ago said that when they heard Rat Pack and Italian tenors replaced with Britney Spears, the place was dead to them. (Bonus points for putting a country song over the Fountain show.)

I'll take D, "All of the above!"

The suites look nice but the professionally-done publicity shots help ;-)
Notice the same/similar headboard and generic carpeting?
(Well maybe the carpet is quality, and plain on purpose to be more "elegant.")

Oh hey, nothin' against Britney specifically. The comment I'm sure was about the intrusion of pop music into the space. Tenors and rat pack would only carry so far anyway, methinks. Just not....teen pop!

Boy what a mish-mash of a room.The floral print could have worked for Bellagio if they got rid of eveything else and started from there.
Agree with LeoNYC.

I think the problem here, honestly, is that they don't have as much money to work with. This renovation shouts of having no choice but to replace furnishings.

I think my biggest complaint is the picture frames look cheap, and the floral print on the wall is just too big for the small size of the room.

The room itself isn't necessarily bad but as a room in the Bellagio it is awful. It looks like a mix of Flamingo and Mirage, or something. It seems entirely out of place based on the entire resort of Bellagio and even the preceding hallway. It's just pathetic really.

And cost!?! It doesn't cost much to upgrade rooms. I just stayed at the Luxor (alongside Mirage and Excalibur) for my last trip and I had zero complaints about my room at the Luxor. The only suggestion I would have: Upgrade the TV. Really, just upgrading the TV alone is more than enough. At the Excalibur I stayed in there renovated room and the only real difference was the TV, alongside the fact they had a smaller table and chairs which made the room less cramped. How cheap is that? Replace the TV, replace a few chairs, and possibly a paint job.

All MGM had to do was simply upgrade the Bellagio TVs and maybe touch things up some, would've looked much better than this joke they gave us.

I agree with kkthxby3; other than the TVs, I thought the old rooms were fine. A TV in the bathroom would have been a bonus, but I could live without it.

These rooms would have been fine in any other hotel, but in Bellagio they are just confusing.... The color scheme just seems a little contemporary for Bellagio and the linens are just boring, in a bad way.....

The entertainment center reminds me of Palazzo's chipped furniture. Hopefully it is a better quality and stands up better to the wear and tear than their's did....

I hope they look better in person....

No disrespect to MikeE, but anybody else here wishing that this news blog was written by Misnomer and that the pictures were photo shopped? We would have all shared a little laugh and commented about how that wallpaper was too hideous to be real.
I’m the same guy who had the Vdara Death Ray Conspiracy Theory so bear with me here, but I wonder if Jimbo is willing to drive all of the other MGM Resorts properties into the ground just to make Aria, and City Center for that matter, look better.

So I'm a fan of the hallways but I'm not sure how I feel about the rooms. I like the design but I just don't think it fits in the Bellagio. The renovations have been needed but it kind of sucks every time MGM gets rid of something designed by Roger Thomas.


Another vote for "D" all of the above Drake.
Like when Ali said to Foreman "is that all ya' got?" Foreman "yeh, that's it.."
This is the Bellagio? Pathetic.
I'd actually buy the Aria conspiracy theory except for Dubai's 50% bite.

MFP01 I had the exact same thought...

I like the chairs near the window..they look good and blend into the overall color scheme..the way the TV/Entertainment Center is set up is straight out of Mandalay Bay..not a bad thing..I also like the artwork..if they're avaliable, as they are at Wynn, I'd buy them..

But that artwork, or whatever it is behind the headboard..would look fine in the Tropicana, or even at Hooters..but in Bellagio? WTF?

U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi... you UGLY.

Just listening to the Vegas Gang Podcast.

Chuckmonster describes the renovations as "bringing the conservatory into the rooms" and I didn't see that yet. But I see the logic. Also, the blue seems to be about bringing the lake and fountains into the rooms (the blue carpet and also the wood pattern on the glass of the cabinet in the bedroom).

So I can kind of see the whole logic here... just like the Mirage bringing the Volcano (or the blue-green of the rainforest) into the rooms.

But this level of abstraction works at the Mirage where the theme itself is kind of general (the tropics).

Bellagio's theme is a SPECIFIC location; a specific town on Lake Como in Italy. Going for such an abstract connection, and one based on Bellagio-The-Vegas-Hotel rather than the actual original Bellagio, has kind of detatched the hotel from its original theme. Originally, the theme was the actual town of Bellagio. Now, the theme is Vegas Bellagio! Its become META-BELLAGIO!

However, with just a little bit of toning down and some palette-swaps, I think the rooms could overall work. At the moment it just doesn't.

I DO like the hallways though.

My first though on the initial room photo was yuck, but seeing the other photos and thinking about the room itself now, I'm waiting to see how it looks as a whole room rather then some photos. Perhaps I just don't want to believe that they could make the Bellagio ugly, bu I'm hoping that in this case not having a ful view affects the thought process on it.

@jinx73 you've started the grieving process... first stage: shock and denial ;)


I guess MGM shops at Wal-Mart now.. well it's pretty goddamned close.

"Chuckmonster describes the renovations as "bringing the conservatory into the rooms" and I didn't see that yet. But I see the logic. Also, the blue seems to be about bringing the lake and fountains into the rooms (the blue carpet and also the wood pattern on the glass of the cabinet in the bedroom)."

That's silly if that's their "logic". The conservatory and fountains accentuate the Bellagio they aren't THE Bellagio which stood for luxury, stature and class. This is what some guy with a business degree thought up (What do people think of when they think Bellagio? Fountains! Conservatory! That should be what the rooms are like!) What nest, all the blackjack tables have little monitors that show the fountain shows? Retheme the casino in tropical blue? Why detheme the Mirage from its tropical colors and style and then put that INTO the Bellagio?! Between this and replacing the Fontana Bar with an LA Club I'm not sure I wanna stay at the Bellagio anymore. (And 90% of my trips to Vegas have been at the Bellagio).

(The hallway carpet is nice but I'm meh on the new hallway wallpaper. Like the new entertainment center to but dislike everything else about the rooms.)

And the Bellagio only has TVs in the suite bathrooms.

Horrid. Can someone say Howard Johnson's. I hope someone stops them before they ruin the place.

@damama, I want to stay in the HoJo's that you stay in. I have not seen one that nice ever

It seems like they didn't want to hire a licensed interior designer so they got a decorator instead.

I would have preferred they kept everything the same and just add the HDTV and update the media center.

The artwork has to go or at least get better frames for the art.

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