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MGM Now Offering a Buffet of Food and Fine Print

By MikeE on Wednesday, 15th June 2011 1:13pm
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The buffet: it's more than just all-you-can-eat kitchen scraps from the better restaurants. Now it's being used more aggressively than ever to keep you loyal. From day-long passes first introduced at Excalibur's tapeworm tapas bar to Caesars's Buffet of Barffest, the smorgasbord of second-tier gastronomical delights has managed to keep patrons on property, under the company canopy, and in the casino spreading time between blackjack and violent bouts of bowel movements.

And it's only gotten worse. Now, when you book any MGM property, you get a free buffet daily at any one of MGM's properties. Don't get too excited, though. There's fine print. Lots and lots of fine print. Bellagio ain't participating whether you book or want to eat there and neither is Signature (duh). Oh, and dinner is not included anywhere. At Monte Carlo, you don't get either breakfast or lunch, but you do get brunch. It's probably the same at Luxor, but the wording's too funny to tell you for sure. It's not valid at Chin Chin. You can't use it for more than $20 per person per day. Oh, and sometimes there's a coupon involved and sometimes not.

Got that? Neither do we.

Translated, we think it means you get the best value by staying at Monte Carlo and munching at Aria or perhaps crashing at Luxor to hit Mandalay. No matter which way you look at it though, getting variety means spending a lot of time at MGM's less-than-stellar casinos. The verdict? It's not worth it, especially if you're one who prefers the public restrooms of a AAA Five Diamond resort.

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"At Monte Carlo, you don't get either breakfast or lunch, but you do get brunch."

That's because Monte Carlo just serves one long brunch until it closes for dinner. There are no dedicated 'breakfast' or 'lunch' shifts there.

Ahem. For those of us with less discerning culinary tastes and decidedly lower standards for public restrooms, this deal at least helps offsets MGM's resort fee, even if it is a pain in the ass to figure out.

So my verdict would be: Woo-hoo, free food! Strap on the feedbag, baby!

What no Chin Chin's ???? that's horrible

can you still eat at the free buffet, then walk into the 5-star restaurant and blow out the bathroom after gorging on sub-par crabs legs, banana pudding, and sausage biscuits?

Giant plastic bowls of room temperature shrimp and slivers of sugar free chocolate cream pie. That's just about every buffet in a nutshell I think.

I love buffets in Vegas. Just about tried everyone that was new or had some type of positive buzz to them. I would say there was nothing worse then the Sahara. Rock in the bottom of your stomach anyone? Yeah. There's a reason it was "The Lowest Priced Buffet On The Strip." For $8.99, you could do a ton better at a restaurant than that old retirement home cafeteria of a buffet. And no wonder Bellagio's not included, out of all MGM has, it's the best one IMHO.

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