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Trop's Bacio Cuts Hours, Closed Sunday & Monday

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 10th June 2011 9:11pm
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Even with a much touted celebrity chef, former Rao's cooker Chef Carla Pellegrino, Tropicana has been forced to scale back the hours on their second floor Italian eatery.

VT staffer Misnomer received a call from Tropicana earlier today informing him of the 9th inning line up change, canceling his reservation just days before he was scheduled to arrive.

Two weeks of Nikki Beach hype machine blowing hot air into the Tropicana can't keep their first serious foray into destination dining with a highly pedigreed chef open seven nights a week. This isn't good.

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Reminds me of my foray into Aria last week. Shaboo/Bar Masa looked like a storage room, although a sign readily said they were open on a "limited schedule."

Perhaps the time of overbuilt dining options has finally arrived in Vegas?

I follow restaurant schedules pretty closely since I have to keep VM up to date. I've actually noticed a trend towards restoring previously slashed hours so this is interesting.

On what day do you suppose they make the Sunday gravy now? Tuesday?

Hunter referred to the many restaurants that reduced days of operation and narrowed opening hours during the past three years, noting that there has been a recent reversal of that trend, "restoring previously slashed hours."
Tropicana is not in the same situation as most other properties on the Strip, having just finished its first renovation phase with a couple of new dining options. The property's executives are undoubtedly still evaluating the Trop's customers, how much they'll spend and what they want to spend it on. The Trop is smaller (less than 2,000 hotel rooms) than most other Strip hotels, but it also has far fewer mid- and high-end restaurants than most casinos.
It may be a sign that the property's customers are not going to be the kind of folks who want $80-plus checks. The restaurant has received a lot of favorable press and PR so reducing days of operation so quickly after opening is not a good sign. On the other hand, like most of the changes at the Trop, the restaurant doesn't look like it was that expensive to design and decorate (a lot of white paint and furniture).

^ So then maybe they've realized they're overstepping their bounds. Good to realize sooner rather than later I guess.

Bacio is pretty small and with the limited dining options at the Trop, this is surprising. A high proportion of Trop guests are from SoCal, who head out of town by noon on Sun. Many restaurants are dark on Mondays as well.

Bacio has all the charm of... well, nothing. Not the best looking place, not the best location in the property. I could see this being a more casual place, but not upscale dining.

During my stay there I was turned off by the prices so I passed on eating there. There werent a lot of people eating there when I walked by to get to and from my room. The limitation of hours makes sense if the place isnt crowded half the time. I think that the remodel has made the Trop a better place to stay but not a hotel that has a resturant that makes you want to wander in on a casual basis.

Damn it they beat me to it, I was going to say I smell BARMASA!

Prices could be a little lower but this is the best food in the new Trop, much better than the higher priced Biscayne steakhouse a few feet away. Not sure if the Nikki Beach crowd will appreciate the improved eats, let alone stick around long enough to sample 'em.

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