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Excalibur Opening Lynyrd Skynyrd Branded Restaurant!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 9th June 2011 9:41pm
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Excalibur has announced a partnership with southern rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd to bring a new BBQ & Beer restaurant to the property in fall 2011.

The restaurant, titled Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer, will move into the old Sherwood Cafe location as a restaurant/nightlife concept modeled on the band's signature style. They promise the new joint will feature a stage where the remnants of Skynyrd will occasionally perform along with other musical acts and cover bands. Decor will be in the Hard Rock style... covered in a bevy of Skynyrd artifacts, guitars, photos and plane crash wreckage.

Oh, nine thousand dollars just to sow to the wind
Come to smile at the yankee slicker with a big old southern grin
They're gonna take me out to California Nevada, gonna make me a super star
Just pay me all my money, mister, maybe you won't get a scar
Want you to sign the contract
want you to sign the date
Gonna give you lots of money
workin' for MCA MGMRI

Still a hot jam after all these years.

Three cheers for rock & roll!

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Comments & Discussion:

Is it just me or does anyone else think Ronnie would be kinda ashamed of what the band has become of late?

Hopefully no one will try for a replay of "Mr. Saturday Night Special"

When this restaurant crashes and burns, will it be replaced with a Rossington Collins BBQ & Beer?

Imma be the first to say it

I hope they "PLAY SOME SKYNYRD!"

Sorry, I don't know if they do that out west, but here in the SOUTH at every rock concert EVER no matter who it is or where it is, there's always SOMEONE that yells the above two statements at some point during the concert. I REALLY hope it's just a rock thing.

By the way, when the hell did Sherwood Forest Cafe close? I have a lotta drunken memories in that place

Freebird : our signature open faced free range chicken sandwich, seared over a jet fuel BBQ and seasoned with swamp water and confederate ideology.

Are you sure this isn't a Misnomer story? Excalibur already has Dick's Last Resort for BBQ and beer, MB has House of Blues for bands, and B.B.King's failed at the Mirage. I'll definitely visit, but it seems like the demographics are already covered and it doesn't add much.

Well i will be chacking this place out for sure.

Ooh, that smell
Can't you smell that smell?
Ooh, that smell
The smell of our food surrounds you

Oh sure, a themed joint based on a has-been, racist, lame-o, one-original-member of-the-band-is-still-alive band is a GREAT idea!
I would be all over a themed Allman Bros, Beach Boys, Grateful Dead, or Mayhem joint, though.

Well, there go the best nachos at 3am in Vegas. Any word yet when Dick's Last Resort turns to a Foghat theme?

@saharalv - mayhem! hahahahaha

Another nail in the Vegas coffee shop coffin.
RIP Sherwood Cafe.

I'd rather see a Guns N' Roses theme restaurant. You could have two menus, the original menu and the new menu, with the following.... Welcome to the pork n beans, sweet potatoes O' mine, Chinese "rice " democracy. They could have a brewery and call it you could be mine... with beers called don't cry in my beer, live and let IPA.

King Arthurs Court and collard greens,what a fit!

As properties flee from their themes you get some crazy pairings.
Treasure Island and Gilley's.
Monte Carlo and Diablo's.
Sahara (RIP) and NASCAR Cafe/Speed
MGM Grand (the Wizard of Oz version) with the La Femme/Crazy Horse topless shows (is Dorothy flashing her Totos for us?)

^^ so are you saying you don't want a Second Helping of a Freebird sangwich?

I ate at the Sherwood Forest cafe once. I ordered Chicken Fingers for my daughter. The waitress put them down, then said "here hun, let me help you with that" and started breaking them apart with her bare hands and squirting ketchup on it.I have never seen more of a look of disgust on a 7 years olds face.


Toby Keith and Harrah's
Sugar Factory and Paris
Professional Bull Riders and Planet Hollywood

I used to like when the restaurants matched the overall theme of the places too!

Well, this explains why Dick's is offering breakfast now.

(I won't miss the cafe - the service was pretty poor and the food mediocre at its best. I'd rather walk to any of the other options available on the 4 corners or Luxor/MB instead.)

Shall I assume Neil Young will not be appearing here?

^Yeah, they don't need him around, anyhow.

Been thinking about this since the post first went up and all I can come up with is-

What the fuck?

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