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Flamingo To Offer Cheeseburgers On The Pass Line

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 8th June 2011 1:05pm
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Time to add one more Buffett to Caesars Entertainment's Buffet of Buffets.

The fabulous Flamingo announced plans today to build a "Margarataville Casino at The Flamingo" adjacent to the Margaritaville lounge/bar/restaurant thingy.

The casino will occupy 15,000 square feet and offer up 22 table games, 220 slot machines and a "5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar" in the center of it all. Guests will also be able to park their boats outside and wager cheeseburgers on the craps table.


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Comments & Discussion:

I gotta be honest here, this sounds so stupid I can barely believe it.

Pfft, I love it. Not only am I a huge Buffett fan, I also love casinos not being afraid of "themes." The cheesier the better. And for those who don't like it, move on somewhere else.

Glad to see that not all casino expansions will look alike.

Of course, it's a Caesars property still, so the Blackjack will pay 6:5, the Craps will pay double on the 12, and they'll probably invent a fourth color for the Roulette wheel in that pit.

Not sure why they waited until now to announce. It was rumored when the steakhouse was closed and the hallway boarded up w/ Margaritaville signs. I actually had assumed construction had been ongoing and was thinking it should be about completed. Two weeks ago I stayed at the Flamingo and Margaritaville was so packed you couldn't get in the door.

Nope. PinaColadaburg. Or bust. (Sorry, if you haven't seen Club Dread you won't get it)

Very good news. I agree with erzeszut- the cheesier the better.
This may be off topic but... one thing I really like about Caesars (Harrahs) is that they always kept their casinos theme in and out of every property unlike MGM. Don't you think?

Considering there are already a few Margaritaville casinos out there, including the big one on it's way to AC, totally not surprised. Will there be tailgating allowed?

6:5 aside, any theme that translates into dealers wearing bikini tops and short-shorts is a-okay with me.

And yes, Romaman and erzeszut, I agree. Themes are good! MGM is doing their damndest to suck all the fun out of Vegas. I'm still pissed that we never got a Buckingham Palace/Big Ben/Picadilly Circus/London Tower-themed place. Damn.

weatherman2111 -- there's no Margaritaville casino coming to AC as far as I'm aware. The theory was that Trump Marina would become a Margaritaville, but Golden Nugget bought it instead.

Ah damn, that's right, that one's gonna be a Nuggest and the Gulf Coast one stalled.

Cornball. Pointless. Tacky. I love it. Bring it on!

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