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Fontana Lounge At Bellagio Closes Forever July 5

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 4th June 2011 8:15pm
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Fontana Bar Bellagio Closing

Bellagio has updated their online fact sheet with the closing date of Fontana Lounge, which has been pushed back to July 5th, 2011. The original closing date was rumored to be late April, which was moved to after Memorial Day weekend before being moved yet again.

NOTE: Fontana Bar & Lounge will close July 5, 2011.

The early leaked renderings of Hyde Lounge, this turd might take more than the four week delay they've announced to be polished to a suitable Nazarian sheen.

Big thanks to VT uberreader Detroit1954 for the tweet tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

In re-reading the initial press release they talk about expansion and renovation of the patios on the lake. All I can think of is what Tangerine did to Sirens Cove.

UGH. Exactly like Tangerine...so disappointing that Bellagio could not recognize the uniqueness of the lounge and what it offered people who don't fit the 'clubbing' demographic. The whole vibe of the hotel will now change....and I probably won't be staying there anymore. Bring back lounge bands and live music in Vegas please!

I've always wanted to check out Fontana Lounge. But every time I go to Las Vegas, it seems like it is closed. In the Summer, they seem to always run poker tournaments in there. And in the winter, it's just closed. Gonna be in Vegas starting this Friday for four days. Is it gonna be closed then?

Such a disappointment. Loved Fontana lounge...

what effect did tangarene have on sirens cove?

Tangerine was actually the only succesful place TI had next to Pirate's Cove wasnt it? I do know that when Tangerine was open the pirate ship actually moved before the siren's showed up.

They de-themed the majority of the Siren's Cove area with each subsequent remodel from Tangerine to present..

I am hoping with Senior Frogs that Ruffin doesn't axe the Margarita Bar that's right next to the casino entrance through Siren's Cove. The bartender, Tony, has to be the BEST bartender on the strip. The dude is fucking awesome and has been there since TI opened. We always look forward to the Margarita Bar EVERY trip. Ruffin would be dumb to close it.

heres a question...when was ti at its best?

TI was at it best i'm guessing from 1993 when it opened to I say 1997 before Bellagio opened- and this is why:

In the 90's, not only did Steve Wynn own it but it was actually one of the best places to stay on the Strip. Top 5 casinos before '97 were for sure Mirage, MGM, Caesars, Treasure Island and Monte Carlo. In 1998, when the Bellagio opened, it set a new standard in luxury for joints on the Strip later including the Venetian, Paris, etc. which obviously bumped Treasure Island down.

I didnt know treasure island was ever luxurious hotel. I though at the time Mirage was supposed to be luxurious and Treasure Island was aiming to a Lower Market (i.e. Excalibur)

I wish there was a photo site of TI during this time period.

Very, very sad.

very sad indeed, when we go out dancing we don't particularly want to surrounded by college aged kids... my wife & I got married in Vegas('06) and after dinner & a show, we spent the rest of the night at the Fontana ... it's always had a special place in heart... very sad :-(

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