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Awesome: Star Wars Museum Coming to Las Vegas!

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 4th June 2011 7:48pm
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Star Wars Museum Las Vegas

MGM Resorts International/NY NY Tower LLC and Order 66 Entertainment have submitted a request for a Use Permit to Clark County Planning Commission that would transform the current CityCenter Sales Pavilion between New York - New York and Monte Carlo into a 20,000 square foot museum named The Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Museum.

The museum will "showcase props, costumes, and models from the Star Wars movies."

The first floor of the pavilion will be used for museum and retail sales and divided up into 7 exhibits and 1 sales area.

Each exhibit area will display items that fit into the exhibit theme. For example, an exhibit area named "Getting Around" will display models of various vehicles shown in the Star Wars movies and allow guests to develop an understanding of the relationship between technology and science through interaction with the hands-on exhibits.

[The] museum will only be located at the subject site for 6 months and will give both tourists and locals the rare opportunity to view some of the world's most recognizable show pieces from the Star Wars movies.

This might be the best news we've heard all year. Fuck yeah!

Star Wars geeks: Order 66, was an order that could only be executed by Emperor Palpatine's command. It called for Clone Troopers to kill their Jedi leaders. Do you remember the bloodbath on Kashykk where Yoda barely escaped? Ah fuck... now I have to watch all six fucking movies again. :)

Here's the agenda.

Big thanks to VT super reader SteveCovington for the tip!


Comments & Discussion:

Now we just need the Experience to come back and Nerdvana will be complete.

I'm pretty sure there are actually only three movies...

and Eric, never combine Star Trek and Star Wars. Please. That's not cool.

Can we really call him Emperor at that point? I mean, he was really just right in the process of transitioning out of his role as Chancellor of the Galactic Senate. I'd say he wasn't really the emperor until the whole process in 'Sith' was complete. Disagree?

Oh... BTW: best idea Murr-ster has ever had. Clearly stolen from a subordinate.

They can coexist Admiral, you know that. :)

So, why is approval being requested for only six months? With new batches of tourists arriving daily, I'd think MGM would want approval for an indefinite period of time. Maybe MGM needs the land for another hotel :)

I'm guessing 6 months because it is a traveling exhibit maybe?

Any bets on the next exhibit? My money is on "Eddie Murphy; The Experience."

Love that this is coming to Vegas and especially to CC. Very sad that it's only there for 6 months. It's the kind of attraction that CC really could use to drive some foot traffic.

"Any bets on the next exhibit? My money is on "Eddie Murphy; The Experience."

or maybe Eddie Money: The Experience?

Order 66 scene made me PMP when I first saw it.
This is great news. Will be awesome to see this and get super hyped before the big day in September.

Not a Star Wars fan here but I am glad that MGM is doing something with that plot of land. It's a beautiful building, hopefully they do something long-term with the space..

I wonder what the logistics of eventually combining the building directly with the NYNY podium... They could do something similar to that awful-looking but energy-creating Diablos, add some sports bar, giving direct access to some bullshit shops and then the NYNY casino..

I honestly miss the Carrows... the first restaurant I ever ate at on the strip. This would be a good spot for another Denny's, or something to that effect.

^^ Isn't there a Denny's right across the street?

Yep :D

My guess is that they're shooting for Fall 2011-Spring 2012 as that's the nearest set of open dates for this touring show (http://www.mos.org/visitor_info/about_the_museum/enterprise_and_traveling_exhibits&p=sw). My guess is this is coming from the same MGM genius who brought in Titanic and Bodies into Luxor. These 'touring' museum exhibits are generally pretty well run business model (usually a rev-share between the venue and the exhibitor) so its a low capital outlay for MGM.

Hunter, never took you for a Star Wars fan! Especially since you don't grok the Trek!

Despite your detailing of Palpatine's chronology, I'm going to automatically assume that by "actually only three movies" you mean the '77--'83 classics and not the '99--'05 travesties.... ;-)

Shouldn't that Stormtrooper be guarding the Uncle Sheldon's Deathsta... er... MEGACENTER?

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