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How Many Times Has This Happened To You?

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 3rd June 2011 1:09pm
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Ok, fess up. Which one of yous is this?

Thanks to Misnomer for the tweet tip.

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Looks like somebody after Vegas Podcastapalooza

I don't allow myself to get that intoxicated unless I'm at home and the stumble/crawl to a spot to crash out is relatively close. Then again, this guy may just be a complete lightweight looking at his size, and cannot hold his drink.

that's pretty hilarious. that tumble he took against the door looks like it hurt.

Still shots from this somehow need to make it onto the Official T-shirt of #VIMP.

Dont know why they call them roofies, they should call them floories.

He's gonna feel that one at 1:33 tomorrow.......and likely for the next week, too. Anyone name the hotel?

Someone needs to get him some wake-up juice. It totally worked on Doc Brown.


I think it's the Wynn.

Based on the proven CSI principle of "He who smelt it dealt it," I would guess this is Misnomer being filmed by Mrs. Misnomer. Likely as "Exhibit A" for upcoming divorce proceedings.

I wish I could say I hadn't ever been this drunk in Vegas...

And yeah, it's Wynn for sure. Resort side.

@Drake I'm much fatter than this guy. I'd have gone through that door. Which, come to think of it, would have made for an even funnier video!

my head still hurts from that shot from the door

I actually had a guy I was drinking at a bar with once in Vegas, get this fall down drunk, according to the guy, it was due to his prescription meds. (sure and I had a girlfriend in Canada in elementary school). Anyway, I get the humor out of this, but I can't understand the fascination with filming it rather then lending a hand/shoulder, or calling security to help.

For my experience it was at MGM and guy was in Signature, I got him back to the Sig entrance and after a couple falls (even with me helping him and during time I had to swipe card and try to hold door). I was lucky as security was walking by with a wheelchair, I motioned to them that he could use some help and they took him back to room.

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