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Sahara Garage Sale / Liquidation Starts June 16th

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 2nd June 2011 11:10am
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Thanks to VT reader NeverJustJ's posting on The Board, we now know all we need to know about the coming liquidation of all of Sahara's assets.

Everything must go... gigantic Hobart mixers, to stainless steel kitchen sinks, to poker tables, to glassware, the properties front doors... EVERYTHING, bolted down, welded in or whatever... MUST GO!

I just looked at all 273 photos posted on the liquidators website and came away with a handful of bonafide winners that would look great in anyones den in addition to an icky, picking over a dead body feeling.

The front doors! Yes, they're selling the doors and the S door handles. I'm calling dibs on the one with Sam's note on it... set it aside for me guys!

Here's a great idea for Cosmopolitan to up their artsy fartsy cred... grab a dozen of Sahara's chandeliers and start a "vintage Vegas chandelier collection" and put them in weird parts of the resort.

How awesome would this sconce look in your house? Hrm... Admiral?

Your very own piece of Sahara history... a booth from the House of Lords. A sullen and withdrawn Frank Sinatra farted here!

The entire casino is for sale. All the stools, all the fixtures, statues, columns, table games... everything.... (except slot machines.)

And yes, all the guest room fittings are for sale as well... including this variation on the sitting camel lamp. This one isn't one of the good ones, these are... no clock.

Should you have any questions, a rep from the company coordinating the sale is answering questions on The Board.

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Comments & Discussion:

When are the preview dates?

I guess we know how the Plaza's remodel is going to look now.

Wow...my little post to The Board resulted in an honest-to-goodness VT post...I'm honored!!! I didn't even page through all 273 photos...but I plan to...had to go out of town on business the day I discovered the auction information and made the post and didn't have time to look at them all and still make my plane. I did, though, get to the image I think they called "suite toilet with bidet" and I have to ask, "Who the F--K is going to buy a USED(!!!) bidet???!!!???

Wow, the abandoned hulk of the building will look just great with plywood for doors. Maybe they can set part of it on fire to for that real "lost in the ghetto" feel.

Why is the "S" on the far left door backwards? Did they run out of forward S's? Do I get a discount on backwards S's?

I saw this story through a link from a local LV news channel- The fact it is being run as a priced sale instead of auction shows how much of a egotistic prick Sam Nazarian is, and the $10 admission charge to his little garage sale shows what a money hungry douchebag he is, too!

Can someone pick me up a camel lamp?

Nevermind....I hear they're going for $150. Anyone been to the sale?

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