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Las Vegas Public Relations Firm Hires Hideously Ugly PR Girl cc: @RepulsivePRGrl

By Misnomer on Wednesday, 1st June 2011 2:00pm
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Dirvin & Koch Communications, a successful Las Vegas public relations firm known for its bevy of beautiful female staffers, has hired what some believe is an industry first: a hideously ugly PR girl.

Gertrude "Gertie" Butz, from parts unknown, has accepted an offer of employment personally extended to her by Dirvin & Koch principal, Kendall Dirvin. Explained Dirvin, "Our firm employs the most attractive young women in the city. There's not an event that goes on in this town that isn't promoted in some way by our beautiful PR girls. But frankly, we've completely cornered that market, and we felt like we needed to think outside the box. That's where Gertie comes in."

Little is known about Butz, other than that she is, in fact, female; this, despite what appears to be a perpetual five o'clock shadow growing on both of her chins. "I'm just thrilled to be a part of the D&K team," said Butz from between bleeding gums. "I'll show those pretty bitches that I can PR just as good as they can," proclaimed an enthusiastic Butz, before adding, "I do need to crap first, though."

Dirvin said he wasn't immediately certain which Las Vegas clients might best utilize the services of the hideously ugly Butz, but he indicated a willingness to get creative, if necessary. "Frankly," said Dirvin, "there's nothing that says we have to use a PR girl to entice people to an attraction. What about using a PR girl as a deterrent, say for security and the like? Really, the possibilities are endless with a person this shockingly unattractive, and we're excited about where Gertie can take us."

Butz, for her part, has already begun acquainting herself with the Las Vegas PR scene, having opened a Twitter account, under the handle, "@RepulsivePRGrl". Her first tweet demonstrated that she is more than just a disturbing face: "Swim up on me at the EBC, get a quick hit of homemade jacuzzi!" wrote Butz, in reference to her habit of passing gas at daylife parties.

Las Vegas area businesses wishing to hire Gertrude Butz can reach her by contacting Dirvin & Koch, or by hanging a sizeable portion of raw meat from the nearest tree, and waiting.

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No Lie, I'm an accountant and no lie today I did an audit for a guy named Marty Pierre LaFart

Here's hoping Ms. Butz has a long stay as a Vegas PR girl, looking forward to 'her' tweets.

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