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Developer Plans Inter-Dimensional Space Travel Machine for Las Vegas Strip

By Misnomer on Wednesday, 25th May 2011 11:18am
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Las Vegas, NV - In a stunning feat of one-upmanship, Developer Nomar Misnomer has announced plans to build a Las Vegas attraction that will dwarf the recently begun Ferris wheel project in size, scope, and vision. Mr. Misnomer plans to build an Inter-Dimensional Space Travel Machine, similar to the one seen in the 1997 Jodi Foster movie, Contact.

I've followed with interest the various plans for putting a Ferris wheel on the Las Vegas Strip, and I see now that they've apparently broken ground on one of them, but something about that idea always seemed a little dull to me,."

"The Ferris wheel they're building will take you around in a circle, very slowly I might add, and give you roughly the same view of the Strip you'd get from a standard room at Mandalay Bay. Our Machine will exploit wormholes to transport riders through time and space, culminating with a brief alien meet and greet."

According to Mr. Misnomer, bottle service will be available during the ride. A gift shop and retail space are included in the proposed plans.

While additional investors are currently being sought, the project is funded in part by media mogul Charles Monster, whose empire is conservatively valued at 300 Nebuchadnezzar sized bottles of Veuve at Tryst.

The project is scheduled to begin construction in the Fall, pending approval of the Clark County Building Commission, and the Grey Convention and Visitor Authority.

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Comments & Discussion:

is it bigger on the inside?

^Goddamn it, you beat me to it. So I'll have to go with this:

Does it have a Zero Room? Alternate console room with wood paneling? Swimming pool?

Won't the wormhole disrupt the airline traffic flight patterns nearby?

Will there be a bar there, and what kind of cocktails will they serve?

Space travel machines? Ferris wheels? It's like the 1990's all over again!

Will Jodie Foster be at the Grand Opening?

Everything proposed sounds great, but I wonder why Nomar Misnomer doesn't have a condo tower included in the plans.

can i buy tickets with gold pressed latinum?

Can riders take pictures and video or will they just end up with 18 hours of static?

@MeltYrself & @Dave702 The interior will resemble a space never before seen in Las Vegas, or even planet Earth. Which it to say, it will be identical to a Fountainebleau guest room.

@Skywise The FAA assures us that there will be no air traffic disruptions as a result of the operation of the Machine. Luggage will continue to disappear into wormholes, as it has since the beginning of manned flight.

@vespajet No surprise - the Greys like Grey Goose.

@jammoral We are trying to get Carl Sagan, but that has proven more difficult than anticipated.

@levans We accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover. Riders are reminded that, no matter what the Greys may tell you, free rides will NOT be awarded for submitting to uncomfortable probings.

@vistaplayer While cameras are not permitted during the ride, actor David Morse is available for photos in the gift shop at the ride's conclusion.

@MFP01 Phase II!

Best. Analogy. Ever.

Alas, don't need to see aliens, or go on rides but if the wormhole could be set for 1960 Las Vegas, front row center for a late night show of The Summit at The Sands, I'm there!!!!

OK, Misnomer, tell me the truth: you've behind that "NO OCTAVIUS TOWER" thread, aren't you?

^^ I can't take credit for that thread, but I do agree that there is a certain Andy Kaufman-like genius to it.

Will there be an identical machine built somewhere else in case the first one blows up?

@Billy Yes. Harrahs / CET has plans to build an identical Machine.

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