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Peep Luxor's New Commercial

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 24th May 2011 1:36pm
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Have you seen Luxor's new(ish) TV commercial? Neither have I, but thanks to YouTube... here it is.

No Redservations Required at the World Famous Luxor

Alex Montana Don't Pay No Stinkin' Resort Fees at the World Famous Luxor

Bring Your Sausage And Party at the World Famous Luxor

A Perfect Guys Weekend at the World Famous Luxor

Dreams Go To Live at the World Famous Luxor

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Comments & Discussion:

The ad says to me "Douche Bags Stay at the World Famous Luxor"

wow...I...wow... you can almost taste the douche-baggery..

That ad doesn't represent, nor target, the Luxor crowd..I didn't see a single fat midwestern tourist in sandles, knee-high white socks, and a fanny pack anywhere in there.

I'm not a fan of the add either but let's get real here. Which resort would put a fat midwestern tourist on an add? That would be the same as putting fat people eating big macs and fries on a McDonald's add. As for the douche bags, well... Vegas is the number 1 destination now among them. Any resort who wants to survive the bad times, need to attract the club scene people.

That was so broski, that I want some sort of alternate universe commercial where they pass the Fantasy poster but walk into Carrot Top, throw up at the sight of skinned corpses in the old arcade space, gamble with senior citizens, and recover the next morning under the fluorescent lights of the food court.

That is the Luxor that I frequented and remember.

Wow, are the hookers really that pretty at Luxor? I'm not even drunk and they look hot.

They have oysters there? Damn, I'd have gone years ago.

Ok, a couple of observations.

1) Two out of the three guys had horrible WTF hair

2) The company that actually shot the ad did a good job making the Luxor shine...not easy to do.

Holy fuck that is so awful.

I can't wait until IP makes a commercial. I can't even imagine what it would be like.

"Yo you're up"

"Welcome back Mr. Montana"

"Need hair gel, we got you."
"Where everyone stops to high five in the hallway."
"Our guests are guys, our staff is all guys. Ladies...where you at?"
"Buy a ticket to Fantasy, get one to Thunder From Down Under free."

I love the smell of vinegar and water in the morning...

I think Luxor may actually be on to an emerging market here - the d'bags younger brother.

A kid who is turning 21 this summer knows he can't afford Cosmopolitan or XS like his older brother's told him stories about, but this ad seems to almost go out of it's way to show typical low-budget/first-time Vegas stuff (rental SUV, carrying your own luggage to your room, playing blackjack with a dealer wearing a t-shirt, giggling at a topless show, taking hookers to a third-tier steakhouse) as being just as fun.

I googled Alex Montana, this is the first result:
true story

That was a horrible commercial. It didn't do anything for me nor really showcase the Luxor whatsoever. Moreover, it was a dream sequence! So really, we don't know what kind of room the guy got or how his trip was as it was all a dream! What a waste.

Those girls were the showgirls from Fantasy, hehe.. Not hookers. :DDD

You have to admire the attempt but exactly in what universe is the Luxor world famous? It isnt even Vegas famous.

That's the easiest, most hassle free check in I've ever seen at Luxor..I've usually had to wait at least 30 minutes..which scored me a one bedroom suite in the West Tower once..usually guys like that are having issues with credit card charges when they try to check out--that I've seen as well..

Oh, they definitely get a "A" for making the Luxor look good, and it's actually a well-conceived and executed commercial. I give them credit for that. It made me smile.

We're just a bunch of cynical cranks here, what can I tell ya.

What's up with there hair?

That might be the worst Vegas commercial ever.


Seriously, 90% of the world hates people like this Alex Montana. Also, literally nobody goes to the Luxor to play big stacks of black chips. I've played in their high limit room twice, and both times my group was the only people in the room. And that was playing 1 black.

I have to admit, that commercial doesn't make me want to even LOOK at the Luxor.

That said, the whole "gaggle of drunken fratboys" market DOES need a place to stay and be silly and idiotic.

To be honest, I think I prefer the "gaggle of drunken fratboys" market to the "oh-so-hipster-because-I'm-so-alternative-I'm-going-to-stick-it-to-the-man-by-staying-at-a-casino-run-by-Deutsche-Bank" market.

Or the "social-climber-club-hound" market.

As long as those markets keep the f**k away from Aria, I'll be happy.

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