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YOWZA: The New Rooms at The Plaza Unveiled, Reservations Start Sept 1

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd May 2011 10:54am
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Plaza New Room Renovations

The Plaza has unveiled their new room designs on their website as well as their Facebook joint and they look.... just like the Fontainebleau model rooms... but larger and better organized. Imagine that!

They are now accepting room reservations starting for September 1st. Asking prices range from $44-$89 during the week and $109-149 for weekends. Gotta pay for those new rooms somehow... but holy crap!

Plaza New Rooms

Thanks to long time VT superreader RobbieNomi for the tip!

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Wow ! my next Solo trip in 2012 will be at The Plaza. I'm blown away with these rooms. Could The Plaza be the Downtown version of The Tropicana ?

I'll believe it when I see it in real life. If they totally remodel ALL of their rooms (too many places get a favorable jolt of publicity for remodeling a portion of rooms then capitalize on the PR and media coverage to raise rates on all rooms) then good for them. The photos do look good, but how do they fix tiny bathrooms, crappy AC and plumbing and accumulated years of dirt and crud. Hopefully not just with paint and new furnishings in 100 rooms.

The rooms really look good, I cant say thta I would stay downtown but with rates this good and the room looking so sweet I may just stay there for one night.

if I recall correctly, I believe they gutted the entire place down to the bones and built it back up, so it should feel like a whole new hotel.

With the El Cortez and the Plaza and bordering Stratosphrere now with a cool product it might push me to a downtown stay.Why couldn't the Sahara do this?

I can't believe they actually stood by their words and remodeled everything and actually opened the hotel back up. Instead of shutting down, saying they're going to remodel, then just closing the hotel and not re-opening it because of the "economy." I have a feeling it had a lot to do with them being able to buy new furniture at a bottom rate from Fontainebleau's yard sale.
Now if someone would pick up Sahara's old furnishings and use it to remodel a new hotel...

^^ uh. have you seen Sahara's furnishings? Other than those truly bitchin' camel lamps, I don't think anything in that joint is/was worth saving.

I must say though, wow. Pricey for downtown however. But still wow.

Jeff--I was a skeptic, too, until I saw it. I personally saw at three floors totally stripped down and under (re)construction, saw a ballroom stacked with the furniture they'd bought from Icahn. Now I believe it.

I wonder if the "odour" is gone?

Really nice, but seriously how long until these rooms are basically trashed? A year? Does anyone really expect them to keep up with the kind of maintenance gusto that Fontainebleau would have?

I think they have a shot at keeping this up. There's a certain amount of pride that comes from a remodel like this and while I know the Plaza and LVC have had there issues in upkeep, they weren't exactly working with high end furnishings that can take some wear and tear. Are we likely to see another update to the Plaza like this in our lifetime? Not unless another casino starts and then folds, but I give them credit for taking advantage of it and if they did things in other areas (plumbing, common areas) with the savings in purchasing from Uncle Carl's dirt barn, then great, perhaps they can turn it a bit more upscale.

It's not going to be long before we are looking at weekend rates returning to the ridiculous levels we've seen before, they already are starting to creep there, so the Plaza could be a viable alternative to many that aren't interested in paying the seriously uplifted weekend strip rates.

But have you seen the OUTSIDE of the Plaza lately? Worse than ever, with mirrored panels broken or removed? The only place that looks OK is the rooms unless they really kick it in gear in the next 4 months. I also don't see them competing with Golden Nugget for those kind of room rates, but if they do, maybe they can use the extra cash to start paying those Fremont Street Experience dues again and get away from the lawsuit.

@chuckmonster. I was totally kidding about the Sahara thing. I should've said "Insert sarcasm:

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