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Sahara Hoses Website

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 16th May 2011 9:19pm
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Sahara has hosed their website. For posterity stake, we have archived a screenshot of this, the final Sahara Las Vegas website, currently viewable at SaharaVegas.com.

Sahara hoses website

No mention of the coming SLS Las Vegas? I wonder why not?

The good news is that if you tell them that you are changing from Sahara, you can weasel your way into a West Tower upgrade at Circus Circus. The bad news is that you're staying at Circus Circus.

In case you've been wondering, you've got 120 days to redeem your casino chips and tickets at Circus Circus.

Sahara hoses website

Another interesting thing to notice, it appears that Sahara had hopes that MGM would pony up some of their other destination resorts as "preferred partner websites" to click through. Peeping the html code reveals that wishful thinking isn't a marketing strategy... Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, THEhotel and Four Seasons were commented out before launch.

Oh.. if you want to, you can still access the old website here. Sadly, the B3 Burrito Cam isn't working anymore (the reason why I went looking at the site in the first place.)

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Comments & Discussion:

So if you have a reservation for this dump they will honor them at another dump? The least they could have done was offer people rooms at the Stratosphere's renovated rooms.

My prediction is one burrito left behind, after a violent lightning storm, it's given the spark for life, slowly growing appendages to scuttle around the vacant property, eating bedbugs and cockroaches to sustain itself, growing in size and eventually devouring the entire hotel in a scene reminiscent to Poltergeist's finale.

Hey, at least you get to get an upgraded room at Circus Circus! What if you paid for a suite at Sahara? Do you get a Circus suite? ::throws up at the thought of a CircusCircus suite::

I think a Circus Circus suite comes with indoor plumbing and a bed instead of a hammock.

I believe that the Riviera, Flamingo and Trop are the last of the Rat Pack casinos. Am I wrong?

they are of the same era, but I don't think the Rat Pack performed there.

Yeah, I hear the phrase "Rat Pack-era casino" thrown around a lot. Basically it could be anyplace open in the early 1960s, so Flamingo, Trop, Riv are the last ones as Romaman says. Sinatra actually played Caesars after he left the Sands (more about that in the forthcoming Sarno book), so I'd count that as well. But it'd kind of like calling everything open now "Celine Dion-era casinos," since they really didn't have too much to do with the places they didn't play at, except for showing up to see friends.

Hunh, they still list the Sahara on the bottom of the page as a hotel they operate. Dicks.

More hunh, apparently Jose Andres's Bazzar restaurant in LA is owned by these slimeballs to. That's disappointing. I was hoping Jose had better taste in who he associated with.

I suppose they killed the website the same time they axed their (lying) facebook profile- Sahara management couldn't wait to close this place- Even by sunday evening, the windows at the nascar cafe and doors at Sahara/Paradise were already boarded up, and they started chaining the doors of the north entrance at Nascar Cafe nearly two hours before official closing time. (Fire code??? customers were still inside) They waited until the final day to post a 'goodbye' message on the main marquee, and even that was turned off promptly at 2pm. It made me sick to see Sam Navarian strutting around with his 'better than you' smartass smirk- I hope he enjoys paying property taxes on a empty hotel- I know Boyd and Elad wish they still had SOME kind of money coming in from their properties than the empty lots they now have. Sam gave todays economics students a lesson in "How to flush $350 Million down the drain"

PS- I think its a joke that they think/hope the Sahara slot players will jump to the Circus Circus- I played Sahara for the classic style and history of the hotel, which makes the Riviera much better choice now.

Yeah, but "Rat Pack" refers as much to an era, and aura, that defined a certain period in Vegas' history about which we like to reminisce, whether we were actually there to experience it or not. (Mostly not, I'd wager....)

(guilt-riddled confession: lost my Vegas Virginity @CircusCircus. True.)
(OK, no guilt, it was a bargain for a full-featured resort, and folks were paying *more* to stay in the little Travelodge by the Clown out front!)

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