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Breaking: Explosion and Fire Near Monte Carlo

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 15th May 2011 12:56pm
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Monte Carlo Fire 2011

We're hearing various reports that there has been an explosion and fire at the Monte Carlo, most likely centered at the electrical plant located at Rue de Monte Carlo and Frank Sinatra drive. We will be updating this as more information arises.

Photo of the fireball.

Earlier account by LVCabChronicles: "Holy Shit fire at monte carlo elec plant. I just was 100 ft past it on way to nyny and BOOM like a bomb went off. All the lights went out"

12:44: A photo of the fireball and thick black smoke by @aprilcore.

12:51: Alternate view of fireball from opposite side of freeway. This is definitely the electrical center.

1:00am Another photo of the fireball from @spencerholladay

Power is out inside the hotel, fire appears to be confined to the substation called out in the map above.

1:03 Northbound I-15 is closed.

1:09 Map update to better pinpoint exact location. Thanks Blackjacker1979 for the tip.

1:15 Video of fire from YouTube user WhoIsApril:

1:18 Another photo from @AmyG2G

Still no official word from Monte Carlo's social media accounts or from @montecarloprez

1:28 Power appears to be out throughout City Center - Aria, Harmon, Mandarin, Vdara et al.

1:29 Firefighters on scanner: "it's gonna take some time to knock this down, but it will when we sit on it for a while"

1:36 Firefighters on scanner: "knock down looking pretty good"

1:38 "We do have a knock down."

This could mean that all of CityCenter & Monte Carlo might be closed for an extended period of time. If you have reservations for any of the potentially affected properties, you may need to make alternate arrangements.

1:41 Power might be out at Cosmopolitan as well.

1:43 Police: "We need to shut down everything from CityCenter to Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip."

1:46 Power confirmed out at Vdara

1:48 Metro are en route to shutting down the Strip.

1:49 Metro cautioning officers to stay out of smoke path... fire isn't out.

1:50 Explosion could've been caused by an auto/truck... lots of chatter about "what does the truck look like" on Metro.

1:51 Metro requesting more units to Harmon and Las Vegas boulevard for Strip closure

1:57 The party is still raging at Marquee... power still on at Cosmopolitan.

2:00 Power outage at ARIA causing slot machines to show boot screens.

2:01 CityCenter in darkness

2:04 "Utter chaos #Aria"

2:05 "No biggie, bring out mo bottles (Deuce @ Aria)"

2:06 Police "The only power outages we are having are in CityCenter." Could be referring only to traffic lights.

2:09 Some are reporting that traffic is starting to move on I-15.

2:25 Sorry for the lack of updates... had to walk the dog. Her eyes went sideways and foot started twitching... that means "I gotta poo!"

2:29 "Power won't reset, when it gets turned on it immediately trips." VegasTripping yo!

2:30 Monte Carlo parking garage closed (as expected) you can forget getting your wheels outta there for a while.

2:33 "Lights are coming on slowly at Aria. Vdara still in darkness"

2:43 Traffic lights still out on the Strip. Metro paging more units.

2:47 Scanner: "Someone hit a transformer between 12 and 1am"

2:54 Metro still blocking traffic at CityCenter

2:57 "45 min to get out of the Planet Hollywood parking structure"

2:59 "Hey las vegas- gallery has plenty of power at Planet Hollywood" - @samantharonson

3:07 "I'm stuck at [Monte Carlo] and security said they would arrest me if I tried to leave" @john_nissan

3:11 The fire isn't out but the lights are.

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Comments & Discussion:

At this rate, the insurance money will have them renovating the entire hotel in no time.

wasnt there a fire at the monte carlo less than a year ago?

Fire 1 = Hotel 32
Fire 2 = ?

One hell of a night to get trapped at Mandarin Bar.

To chime in from a bit of a technical standpoint, you should look into alternatives and definitely check with any of the resorts affected if you have a reservation for tomorrow...electrical transformer issues are definitely messy and difficult as most systems are built at an extremely custom level. The luxury high-rise at Wilshire/Western here in Los Angeles, a year old, had a similar failure and ended up closed for months.

Oh, one could only be so lucky to be trapped at Mandarin Bar.

@levans: Monte Carlo had a fire about 3 years ago on the top floor.

maybe they can use the money and renovate the deluxe rooms at bellagio. they can't just say the hyde lounge is their new renovations

Argh! This is crazy!

The title of this story should be changed because the fire and explosion are not anywhere near the Monte Carlo. They are not even on land owned by MGM. Reading the title makes it seem it is taking place at the Monte Carlo which is not.

Monte Carlo: Your Gateway To Disaster!

The 2:29 update was the one that made me spit my beer out.

say I'm on a slot machine or any electronic machine for that matter, I put my $100 in and play then BOOM power goes out and machine shows start up screen....Will it remember all my funds that were in there or is it Sorry Charlie?

Agree with the last post. BAD information is being passed around about fire at Monte Carlo.


For a moment I thought this was that furnace thing they built for CityCenter.

Instead it's a thing owned by Nevada Power. Well, good luck getting any money from them.

The comment that got me chuckling was Security telling someone they'd arrest anyone who tried to leave. Uhhhhhh - they don't have that power. I'd try to go, see what they did about it, then call Nersesian to offer up a juicy lawsuit.

BTW, electronic gambling devices are programmed to deal with power outages. Any credits on the meter should still be there when power is restored.

I have a Geocache hidden near the Tropicana- (Check out geocaching.com for info on the hobby) Yesterday AFTERNOON someone logged this:

"May 14 by XXXXXX (4753 found)
An easy find against the surreal backdrop of an empty strip - a bomb alert meant that the Boulevard was closed to traffic...
....luckily it was a false alarm!"

Or was it? This was a good 8-9 hours BEFORE the MC powerplant fire- Metro had closed the Strip due to a known hazard/threat?

^Interesting thought.

Using the street view option on Google Maps, the entire area in question behind the Monte Carlo is surrounded by a high wall, so if someone did trigger this fire with a vehicle, the only access points are three gates along Frank Sinatra Drive, and those gates are set back from the street about 6-8'. So either an access gate was left open, allowing anyone to access the area or someone smashed the hell out of one of the gates in order to gain access.

Transformers do blow and catch fire, but I guess when they do so in such a spectacular manner, it gets some attention.

It says on the front of the slot machine about malfunctions and usually the player loses.

No one has stated the obvious: it was a ragtag group of rebels that took out the control center for the Vdara death ray. I suspect Ewoks were involved.

^I'm guessing it's a group of Stormtroopers on vacation in Vegas and after getting completely bombed on Jagerbombs, decided to have some fun and make it look as though the Rebel Alliance is behind it.......

In related news, Batman, while flying behind the Monte Carlo tonight, was caught in some wires at a power station and fried like a mosquito in a backyard buglight. Its been a bad week for Batman.

Apparently Haze nightclub inside Aria had to close at 11:30 because the fire knocked out power to the venue. Talk about nightmare, there were probably many unhappy customers who didn't get to enjoy their bottle of marked up liquor.


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