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New: Caesars Introduces The Hangover Slot Machines

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 12th May 2011 5:32pm
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A finely typed press release tells us today that IGT and Caesars Entertainment are "proud to exclusively introduce IGT's The Hangover Slots" to its casinos this summer."


The Hangover Slot Machine
The game features unique bonus levels based on memorable movie scenes. Mr. Chow, voiced by Ken Jeong, narrates the game with comedic sayings.

I loved the Hangover. Even bought the damn thing on Blue Ray to rumple and fetish those spectacular HD shots of the Las Vegas Skyline. After two or three watchings, I grew incredibly weary of Ken Jeong's overacting of the Mr. Chow part. Seeing him replicate it in a Foot Locker commercial and at any other appearance turned the character into an annoyance much like Jim Varney's "Ernest" character. I'm adopting a wait and see attitude before passing judgement, but I'm a little worried for my wolfpack.

More info on the Hangover Slots and information about a Hangover Slots Giveaway on Facebook contest (winner gets a trip to Caesars Palace and a chance to win $80k) can be found on the Caesars Entertainment Hangover Slots Website thingy.

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Comments & Discussion:

Not to derail this post from the first comment but is Hangover 2 looks identical to the first movie, except in the Pacific Rim.

Is that going to be some sort of super-clever meta funny or is it just lazy screenwriting/predictable Hollywood?

When I bought my Blu-Ray player, The Hangover was one of the first Blu-Ray disks I bought.

When IGT introduced the machine at last year's G2E, they had Ken Jeoung there to promote it.

I bet the bank of these machines at Caesars will be constantly packed.

Built-in repeater ensures excellent coverage for your pager while playing

Is the demographic that likes The Hangover the same one that enjoys penny-slots?

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'd think they don't overlap too much.

I really don't see what people like in that movie. It has very little to do with the Vegas we all know. I just tried watching it again a few weeks ago thinking maybe I didn't like it cause of the film quality when I first viewed it, but no... I was enjoying the film up until the point when they are about to go out for the night and then suddenly: Morning.

Turned it off right there as I remembered why I didn't like it: It has nothing to do with Vegas. It's just them running around town doing absolutely nothing related to Vegas. Then at the end as the credit rolls you see them doing Vegas things... Why were they not doing Vegas things in the movie?!?!? Ridiculous. This is why I didn't like the movie, even the outrageous plot that would be entirely impossible and totally unbelievable wouldn't turn me off had the movie had anything to do with Vegas, which it doesn't and that considered, the outrageous plot was just stupid... I mean, really.

I always think "Avatar" is the most unbelievable movie in how anyone could've thought it was good but whenever I hear of or see "The Hangover"... That's more unbelievable as that film had absolutely no merit whatsoever where as at least "Avatar" had that CGI going for it which made for a few pretty pictures of scenery.

One burning question: When are we getting "Showgirls" slot machines?

Goddess soundtrack!
Cheetah club bonus!
Cocaine ring scatter pay!
Andrew Carver progressive!

When the first movie was out I didnt see any t-shirts about the movie or anything but when I was in Vegas last November there were T-shirts and Alan lookalikes on the Strip. These machines are going to make a lot of money.

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