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How To Spend $189,375.98 at Tryst Without Really Trying

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 12th May 2011 3:41pm
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How to spend $189,375.98 at Tryst nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas without really trying:

4 Veuve 15L Nebuchenezzars = List $2,000 / Tryst Price: $25,000 = Markup $22k each = $92k total profit.

16 Dom Perignon 2000 = List $160 / Tryst Price: $850 = Markup $690 each = $11,040 profit

1 Dom Perignon 1995 6L = List $8500 / Tryst Price: $25,000 = Markup $16,500 = $16,500 profit

8 Dom Perignon Luminous 6L (glow in the dark bottles) = List $490 / Tryst Price $950 = Markup $460 = $3,680 profit

Grey Goose 1L = List $37.95 / Tryst Price: $475 = Markup $437.05 = $437.05 Profit.

Now you know why every casino has four nightclubs.

Big thanks to @GotKevin for the Tweet Tip

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Comments & Discussion:

I wonder who gets the tip?

$10 for a Bud Light? The nerve!!!

Looks like Don Johnson...

How much longer until the water guys get smart and start selling Veuve 15L Nebuchenezzars out of styrofoam coolers on the pedestrian overpasses?

$9 for a single Red Bull? I hope that's not for the small can. For $9, I can get a few Jagerbombs at the Fremont......

The bottle of Pellegrino tips it off that this is Admiral Hillegas' bill...

neighbors house down the street sold for the same price.

I liked the TWO tips: One 20 percent mandatory "gratuity/tip" charge of $29,581.20 and one "voluntary" charge of $29,581.20 for "tip/other." Total for tips: $59,162.40.

I know there are a lot of folks in Las Vegas who live off those ridiculous gratuities and there apparently are enough suckers born every minute to pay them, more power to Las Vegas resorts, clubs and staff. I wonder how much additional cash got handed out greasing all of the staffers' palms.

That's nearly 700 glasses of champagne, plus 100 other drinks on that bill.

These guys go hard. Or if this was their final bill at 11:56PM, they go home early!

800 drinks in 2 hours... crazy

Not only are there two tips listed....there is also a line on the bottom marked 'gratuity' to be filled in by the signer.
How very thoughtful of them.

Gratuity was only charged once. The receipt layout is just configured to show a subtotal of tips at the bottom. Not that a $30k gratuity is any less obscene...

I can't believe that Veuve costs so much. It makes the Dom look like a bargain. Is this for real?

^^ it's a 15 liter bottle about 4 feet tall.

Damn, that first tip alone is more than I made all of last year. This must have been some kind of massive private party.

Looking at that gratuity line... damn. I'm trying to figure out how many employees there would be in the average tip pool. Almost makes me want to work for a club, but then I'd have to be around nightclub douchebags for a living. *shudder*

Vespajet: A bottle of Bud Light is $10. Why give 'em the big size when they'll happily pay the same for the small one?

Simpson: They're using a Micros point-of-sale system (Minor threadjack: Does every hotel everywhere use Micros?). The Micros POS does an itemized list, then a summary of the charges by type (in this case the beverage subtotal, gratuity, and tax), and finally the grand total at the bottom. I can't tell you how many times I've fielded this very question at work. It would be really nice if they would just have it put a line between the itemized bit and the summary bit.

Oh, since I tend to be a geek about such things: Each Nebuchadnezzar bottle holds about 100 glasses of champagne.

And anyone know what the $50 Red Bull SPLTs are? I'm quite curious.

I don't appreciate my exploits being posted on this website. Geesh.

I promise to never appreciate your sexploits being posted on this website again.

who has this kind of money to spend at a nightclub?

^^Look at the date. I'd wager that was one helluva Cinco de Mayo party.

That wiat person must have ben very happy even at A Wynn resort, where they have to share it!!! But that sux any way. Image you could buy a car with that tip.

That whole bill is more than the house I just bought (thanks to low SoCal housing prices, thanks recession!!)

Yeah... Even if I had that kind of cash to just drop at some sleazy nightclub, I wouldn't. Fuck, with that kind of bill I'd just go pay cash for some foreclosed home off the strip and just party there for the weekend. Hell, a little more cash and you could secure one of those CC condos... and we wonder why the economy turned into the shitpool it is today.

Nice tip. $29K should buy you a lot of person attention.

$8.00 for a bottle of Fiji water? Was it flown in directly and served by a team of virgins?

That is a lot of fucking champagne.

Christ almighty, that still works out to about $250 per glass of champagne. That's insanity.

creamsissle and cosmicjester: thanks for straightening me out on my misreading of the check. Now instead of ridiculous I'd say it was one hell of a bargain.

Maybe the check experts could answer a question I have about the time on the check. Does the 11:56 pm time on May 5 represent the time the tab was started (seems most likely) or the time the check was closed out (seems awful early for a club)?

Jeff - I believe (based on using a MICROS system about 10 years ago) that it's configurable and the date/time could be either.

I agree, it's too early. I mean, you could order that much booze sure... but drink it by midnight? Unless it's a huge group, that would be almost impossible... at least I'd think so.

This check photo has been posted all over the fucking place. I saw a bunch of iPhone nerds I follow on Twitter joking about it, saying they saw it on Facebook.

@thecosmicjester Good point about the Red Bull. When you're running up a six figure tab, they probably wouldn't care about what size can of Red Bull they were getting. Low-rollers like myself would care...

You're not the only one curious about the quantity of Red Bull that constitutes a "split". My guess is they are referring to a split case, which would be 12 cans, as a case of Red Bull is 24 cans. Perhaps they discount the Red Bull if you buy it by the split......

58 shots
6 beers

31 fiji
25 red bull (assuming split = 12)
1 pellegrino

84.75L = 113 bottles

fixed >

112 bottles champagne
58 shots + 1 bottle (liquor)
6 beers

31 fiji
25 red bull (assuming split = 12)
1 pellegrino


im confused - its cheaper to buy grey goose by shot?

Micros can be configured to any setting managment wants. The "standard" setting would show the time and person when it was printed. We shouldnt assume that the bill we are seeing was the one the customer got. The manager could have printed one at midnight to see where they were at and that copy got taken out of the trash or even reprinted the next night. Where I work ( not in vegas) I print off several copies before the final to get an idea of how things are going. One more point, although that seems like a crazy tip, if it was a private party alot of people are involved and its not uncommen for tipped staff to make less money than a normal night. Normal night-door guys get tipped from people in line and hosts, bartenders, barbacks, vip hosts... One tip split all those ways is sometimes not as great as one might think. Then again it is Wynn so maybe it is.

On the Tryst website in the photogallery for May 5 there are pics of people with all of those crazy big bottles - and it doesnt look like it was a private party. Fav pic is the guy spraying the crowd with Dom --WTF

And it was on May 5th, my birthday. Nice. While these guys were wasting away at Tryst, I was drinking 1euro pints of beer at a rundown power plant converted into a nightclub in Berlin. LoL It's funny how different people party

RockChickX51, berghain?

speaking of germany, it was amazing seeing vnv nation live, albeit briefly, and even more amazing that the japanese band my friend was road managing (calmando qual) drew a pretty reasonable crowd while they were playing at the same time as vnv nation.

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