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Batman Beatdown On The Vegas Strip

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 11th May 2011 3:24pm
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Holy ground-n-pound Batman!

See also: Las Vegas Hollywood Boulevard.

Thanks @fivehundy for the tweet tip.

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Arghh. I wish the poor laid-off dealer-tainers had somewhere to go.

Lol. Hollywood Blvd Part II indeed.

That clip is calling for a version that includes the various "biff", "pow", "bang", etc. titles from the 1960s Batman series.....

...and then Metro shot both participants and all witnesses.

Figures there would be somebody in the camera shot rockin' the Ed Hardy wear...

I often wondered about the protection the slappers have against this.The volitility is pretty high when a pack of novice drunks pass by them.Is that why they have silver front teeth?

That looks a lot like the Batman from Confessions of a superhero documentary from Hollywood Boulevard and the Jimmy Kimmel show, nice to see he's still got some fight (severe anger issues) in him

I'm against violence on the porn and the assorted costumed people. My stance on violence towards the time-share hawkers is another story entirely...

I would say that I am shocked by this but I am not. Guys in costumes and drunks on the street do not mix.

"Only in Vegas?" Eh, I've been more pathetic beat-downs at heavy metal shows, always security on some drunk mofo.

That was a pretty bold move. Didn't that guy see the muscles that Batman is sporting?
Broad daylight, too. Bet that was a great day in Vegas history.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

I nearly kicked the shit out of a Tahiti Village asshole when they were on the corner of Spring Mtn and LVB in front of the Fashion Show Mall... wouldn't stop heckling me. I just nicely went up to one of his coworkers and told him that if they didn't tell him to shut the fuck up, the little bastard was going to be wearing my Long Island iced tea. Needless to say the shithead never bothered me again, but obviously remembered me as a manager came up to me the next day when we walked past asking if there was a problem or if she could do something. Pretty funny. Now they aren't there anymore. Hope that little shithead is standing in the unemployment line. I honestly never wanted to fight someone in Vegas as much as this little punk ass. lol Where is the protection for tourists and our first amendment rights? I am so sick of people doing whatever the hell they want to do and when someone calls them on it or tries to stop it, they start crying about their first amendment rights. Hope Batman spent a few hours in the hospital, I am sure he doesn't have insurance :D :D :D. I say everyone just start beating the shit out of these people for no reason. Maybe they'll stay away.

it's bad enough that all the LA douchebags came to vegas, then the failed actor douchebags came and started doing the "dress up as X person and beg for change" thing. It's about time vegas started fighting back.

This is not awesome. Batman clearly has a screw loose clearly. I find the slappers and panhandlers annoying as anyone else but I've never felt close to the desire to physically hurt them.

My fav part is the lady in blue making her husband break it up at 1:05

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