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Sayonahara: Speed : The Ride, Closed

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 3rd May 2011 11:27am
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Sahara Sayonara

Let the closures begin.... The Las Vegas Inc Sun is reporting that Sahara has closed down Speed: The Ride in advance of Sahara's probably permanent closure slated for May 16th, 2011.

When reached for comment, actor Keanu Reeves had this to say about the closure of the ride that bears the name of the movie he starred in: "Whoa."

Book your plane tickets... Sahara is closing in 13 days!

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Comments & Discussion:

I rode it my first trip to Vegas and thought it was a bit of a ripoff. I will not miss it. I'm sure they'll try to find someone willing to buy it to either relocate it or scrap it.

Does this mean I will never get a chance to eat the world's largest burrito?

Glad I went for a ride on my last trip. Best coaster in Vegas. RIP.

Good grief, who knew this thing was still operating? How anyone could entrust their life on a fast thrill ride managed/owned by a company that couldn't even be bothered to power wash their filthy parking garage until cyber-strong-armed is unfathomable to me.

Ahh, the memories of hearing that thing as I was waking up in the late morning/afternoon. Bye bye.

There's a reasonable rumor going around that it may get relocated across the street as an addition to Circus-Circus. Here's hoping.

If it does end up over at Circus Circus, it would have to be an outside ride, as it more than likely would not fit inside of Adventuredome. MGM Resorts could probably buy it on the cheap though, as the original cost for the ride back in 2000 was $1M.

It was more than a Mil back then. Just sayin'

Yeah, it would be an outdoor ride staring inside the dome then going out, like the current installation.

So they closed it early because all the attendants quit when they found other jobs, So I heard!! But once fixed up it will make a nice addition to Circus-Circus!!

it is a fine coaster. much better than that head-banging crap at NYNY

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