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Happy 7th Birthday VegasTripping!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 3rd May 2011 9:54am
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We're Seven Years Old!

On this day, seven years ago, we bought the domain name "VegasTripping.com" following a drunken weekend jaunt to Imperial Palace which included barn storming runs of Three Card Poker at Circus Circus, craps at O'Shea's and blackjack at the Plaza. The plan, as sketched out on the back of a Keno card by the fountain of ideas that is Miss Monkay, was simple... create a Las Vegas tourist website devoid of PR approved marketing speak that chemically enhanced weirdoes like us might find interesting. Side bet: maybe we could get some comped rooms and write some of this Vegas stuff off on our taxes!

Armed with a pile of books about PHP and MySQL, we snagged the domain name and parked it on a miniature hosting plan I'd been using to host sites for various bands I was in. I set to coding immediately, using Jambands.com as a content structure model - a section for daily news (a prototype blog), and a section for multi-page articles (features) plus a hotel guide and a map of the strip. The days of two click WordPress installs were still a few years off, to do what we wanted to do, we had to write every single solitary line of code.

Little by little, through the course of 18 hour days (day job then VT night job) and many years of weekends devoted to nothing but coding, writing and design, we chiseled away, turning a big pile of nothing into the sprawling megalopolis of Vegas insanity you see before you.

Through the wonder that is the internet, we've managed somehow to achieve the impossible, built a website that is not only successful but successful on its own terms. This is purely due to the strength and depth of character of the amazing community of folks who have grown around us. From our long time readers and friends (Vespajet, Donnymac66, Spyder, RobbieNomi, The Admiral, RockChickX51) to the throng of thugs that recently invaded The Board, VegasTripping is blessed to have the smartest, freakiest and most fun gaggle of miscreants ever assembled on this or any other internets, ever. We're not just Trippers, we're Sinners.

On this day seven years ago, VegasTripping was born. Every year for the last seven years I've recounted the event and every year I'm even more and more humbled and amazed by the amazing community we have. Without you, we're nothing... and that is a fact. So, as you are going about your day on this, the seventh year of VegasTripping (Saturn returns?) know that all of us here are raising a glass to you and celebrating the marvelous city that has brought us so much joy individually and as a community.



P.S., Please join us in the annual trotting out of birthday related statistics and nonsense.

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Comments & Discussion:

Congrads, Guys!!!! Great job!!!

And it keeps getting better, more content, more unique Vegas takes. Here's wishing you more years of the same.

Woohoo. The site started not too long after my first trip out there.

Congrats on 7 years, I'm not exactly sure when I started reading, around the time of the Google courting I believe, but it's been part of the daily routine for some time now.

Happy Birthday. I started following after my trip to Vegas in 2004 and have been here every since

Happy birthday! Did you realize you share a birthday with the new daughter of one of our friends? Lucky for her. I think. I'm pretty sure, I mean.

!Feliz compleanos!

Happy Birthday, VT! From the first time I arrived at this website, it spoke to me. Like a demonic black labrador, it spoke to me...

Happy birthday and congratulations.

Happy number seven, Vegas Tripping!
Please, keep telling it how you see it. You never fail to entertain and educate....just don't go getting a big head or anything.

Chuck & VT. Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for all that you do.

I use to read online papers and ESPN, but now my daily routine is to log onto Vegastripping.com and get the latest news and scoops.

Thanks for making my days in between trips exciting.

Cheers-Until we actually meet and toast...

Congrats to all of you who make VT one of the best sites about Las Vegas. If I want to see what are the news when it comes to the sin city, VT is the place I come.

Happy Birthday!! I am so happy to have found this site. But I deserve a swift kick in the Junk for only discovering it now. I have been taking regular trips to vegas for 10 plus years and I only stumbled upon your glorious creation of a site this year. It's now part of my daily routine to keep informed and amused by the latest Vegas news. Thank you for all your effort to make such a great resource for us travelers.

Congrats VT gang!! We will raise a glass in June and maybe play a blazing 7s machine in your honour!!

We are all fortunate that you and Miss Monkay were so creative. You've given us the real facts and the good with the bad and the ugly. I am glad that you can enjoy your work and give us all that you do. Happy Birthday!

While I haven't been with you for the whole lucky seven, I have to say that the four or five I have been visiting your site at least once every day has been most enjoyable and greatly appreciated. Congrats to you, Dr. Monster, and your merry band of miscreants!!

One look at the riffraff here and you know it's the place you want to be. Congrats!

Happy Birthday to Chuck and VT! Thanks for everything you do!

Happy Birthday guys, and congrats!! I believe that being on this site has aged me like dog years, so I am therefore about 49 years older than I should be!!

Here a nice cigar, and a great scotch to 7 more years!!!

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