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Trop Watch: Now This Is A Building Wrap

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 29th April 2011 12:12pm
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The future is here now.

Tropicana from TVP Media on Vimeo.

This was a demonstration of brightness and resolution of our 3D mapping on the Tropicana Las Vegas for Ad X Media. This will eventually be projected on the full building.

Love it.

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Mind blown. Amazing and creative.

that is REALLY freaking cool.

Awesome. The eyeball thing was a bit creepy and Big Brotherish though. When you think about it, using the side of a hotel tower as a giant screen is a great idea.

This is the kind of stuff that made me fall in love with Vegas in the first place.


That will ROCK YOUR WORLD when you are drunk or tripping.

Looks tacky. What's with all the Trop-love?

@simpsonlasvegas when this gets projected to the full scale of the building, this technology has the potential to be awesome. some of the content of the video is questionable, but they've got the opportunity to make some truly groovy stuff.

Oh, and the fact that they can light up the windows of each room due to their patterned nature REALLY looks cool. Imagining every room window of the hotel having a different background sounds pretty awesome. Wonder if there will be any recognizable effect from the inside of the windows?

As a long time Las Vegas visitor it will be nice to once again tell the limo driver "take me to the Trop"!

Take that, Jimbo!

The effects were cool. The video--especially the soundtrack--was kind of annoying.

Blows the next coolest thing like that I've seen, Harrah's AC, out of the water. Pun semi-intended.

Gun shots on the strip? It's like NBA all-star weekend.

As others have mentioned, what's the experience like for those people staying in the room?

Wow! What an incredibly creative way to add a new free attraction to the strip. It's a bit cheesy, but I love the idea and the execution is pretty cool. They are making strides in the right direction over at the Trop. I might have to check it out next week.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but this is the most exciting thing coming out of Vegas in years.
C'mon, @simpsonlasvegas, feel the love.

Finally turned the sound off and watched to 1:58.

What a difference a decade or two makes; instead of putting mob guys on the blacklist and trying to bust skimming, we're celebrating organized crime. Unbelievable.

And given that we've just had three botched armed robberies of casinos in the past few months, the bit with the gun was in questionable taste.

They did that last Xmas here in NYC on Saks 5th Ave display. Very creative indeed...

Love the idea, but yeah, I'm curious what it's like for people in those rooms.

I agree that:
Tech = Cool
Content = Semi Lame

It's fun to actually see this up and working. I was told it was going to be awesome but it's hard to imagine what it would really look like. Neat.

@detroit - I'm kinda surprised you're digging it. When we talked about something like this a few months back on Twitter, it sounded like you hated the concept. Change of heart seeing it in action?

I'm glad that I walk the Strip and do not drive it. I see a bunch of fender benders from rubberneckers in the future.

PS-I am a time traveler, so I should know.

I guess if you like the giant video facade at the south end of the PHo this will be even bigger and better. I'm not saying that it is boring; it's just not my kind of thing. On the other hand there probably are a lot of visitors who will like it. Similarly, I'm not a big fan of the canopy and overhead videos at the Fremont Street Experience, but a lot of folks seem to like it. I do like the action, towers and neon backdrops on the Strip; I'm just more of a fan of the look of the Bellagio fountains from above, next to the fountain by the porte cochere, than of giant video screens or projections. I don't hate it, just am not thrilled by it.

I think this is a cool idea but I am curious about three things:

Are they going to project the sound too?

How does this affect those in the rooms?
I hope they would limit it too certain hours only.

Is the angle of the building in relation to the strip going to make this less appealing? The video was shot(mostly) from the Trop to MGM bridge. If people are going to gather for the show they would gather down Trop ave. This would benefit the Hooters casino with the additional foot traffic but the view might be less appealing from the strip.

@hunter, love the technology but not the machine gun content. If this becomes a permanent feature at the Trop, they need to tone down the tie-in to the Mob Experience. Concept good, content needs work. Can't remember Twitter comment, but I still don't like wraps. Of course, I can't remember what I said in the past and reserve the right to change my mind (which I do frequently.)

my question is: can i see the light show while inside my room? that would get old pretty fast. other than that, this looks pretty cool,

The Mouse has been using this tech on it's Floridian piece of fake gothic castle imagery for the past year or so. Look on YouTube for "Magic, Memories, and You." It's a bad show (the whole premise is watching videos of people's vacations, while you're actually having a vacation) but the tech is the same.

And it's bit where the CG fireworks travel up the face of the castle and "erupt" into real fireworks is quite neat.

For all those wondering... there's no effect on the rooms, it can't be seen (or heard) from the inside. Also, the content (filmed in May 2010) was for demo purposes only... it's not real content nor is it the content that will be used in the final installation.

Do a search for Ross Ashton. He is a large scale projection artist that has lit up such things as Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle, and many others. He is unreal.

I appreciate the update from VegasGalB and want to revise and extend my remarks.
I'm glad the demo will not be used in the final installation.
If the final version is (all or almost all) art and not marketing-billboard material (property name and ads, MOB Experience ads, or ads of any kind) I think it would be very cool.
The Bellagio fountains don't spell out "B-E-L-L-A-G-I-O" or "M-G-M" and neither does the fire at the Mirage's volcano yet they serve as great marketing vehicles for the property and for the whole Strip and city.
I'm pretty sure the marketing folks at the Trop think the light show is irresistible as a vehicle to pimp the hotel and its features and will want to do so, but I think they should take a step back and realize that the projection art on its own will be a valuable billboard for the Trop.
If the property can resist the urge to make it a crass commercial and instead supply something unique and cool, I think I would like it very much. I wrote a column on Hunter's blog almost a year ago talking about how LV needs more free, awesome and cool attractions, and this -- if done right (with no pimping the Trop) has the potential to be one.

I love the tech. and hope it does get implemented in a way that's fun but not overly commercialized. I think there's going to have tom be some property promotion only because at some point in this is Las Vegas Trop licensed exclusive it will show up elsewhere, but if they hit the right note on the initial 'wrap' then I think they get a chance to stand out as the pioneers on the strip with it.

I think 'wraps' work for certain properties, I don't love them, but I almost got used to the Luxor being wrapped and the fact that it was set back from the strip vs something like the Flamingo which is right up against the strip or for a property like CC which is supposed to be an architectural wonder.

The reveal that the light show can't be seen from inside the rooms makes this a cool idea for me. Otherwise it would be like the Seinfeld episode that had Kramer go nuts because of the Kenny Rogers Roasters sign.

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