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All Hail Mayor Monster

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 25th April 2011 5:54pm
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Mayor Monster

The votes have been counted (twice) and it is now official, Yours Truly has been elected Mayor of Las Vegas by the Rate Stripper Vegas Happens Podcast Poll, punishing the competition into complete and total oblivion.

In my first acts as Mayor, it is my honor to appoint Admiral Hunter Hillegas as Vice Mayor and director of policy, Mr. Mike E as Senior Advisor of Design, Materials and Workmanship, Mr. JohnH as Director of Food and Bev, Mr. Blackjacker1979 as Vice Director of Vice, Mr. Dramman as Attorney General and Mr. Misnomer as holder of the Jimmy Page Chair on the of Communication Breakdown Committee. Further appointments will be noted in these pages pending their acceptance.

In my second act as Mayor, I have granted reporter/podcast whiz Steve Friess the very first interview with my honor, wherein my honor outlines a 10 point plan to restore Friendship, Ulalawala (the Algonquin word for high five), Community and Kinship to the Las Vegas Valley.

For those lucky enough to enjoy high speed internet access on Flash enabled devices, you can listen to this interview live, on tape, during this evenings webcast/recording sesh of The Strip Podcast, tonight at 8pm Vegas time (about two hours from now.)

Info is here, the show is here.


Comments & Discussion:

Maybe we should demand a re-count? ;-)

Congrats - nice work.

BTW, fuck Oscar Goodman. I was in second place until that asshole decided to exist.

I love Oscar Goldman!

domination >

28 x 2
8 x 2
6 x 2
5 x 2
4 x 3
3 x 4
2 x 3
1 x 6

so instead of showin gup with 2 showgirls, are you going to all your public appearances with a half-dozen porn-slapper card chicks? this way, you can advertise that the cards don't actually "bait & switch" for a cut of the referral business.

Time to update my business cards.

Wha ya mean Briteny Spears didn't get any votes!?!?!?!?!?

At least you will keep up the Vegas mayoral tradition of being sponsored by a gin company. Congratulations. Will you shave your back before you take office?

null= yes.
donny= yes.

if you have any further questions please contact the Jimmy Page Chair of Communication Breakdown Committee, Mr. Misnomer.

Cigars and shots all around. Winner buys!

Congrats sir, now can you help me get a green card so I can move to your fine city? My own mayor is a gay guy who lives in his mom's basement (and I'm not even kidding) I think I need a change.

Wait, I have to answer questions? I thought I got to pick the music. How about if I just answer questions about music?

@Misnomer What time is love?

@Misnomer What exactly is a Safety Dance?

please remove all doushbags from vegas..tell them to go back home and stop having mom and dad pay for everything...stupid d-bagers

@donnymac66 1. LOVE is 2 shows nightly, dark Tuesday and Wednesday; 2. The mayor stands by his impeccable safety record.

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