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The Steve Wynn Show : Baloney and Malarkey

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 22nd April 2011 4:43pm
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On this week's episode of The Steve Wynn Show, Steve Wynn blames everything on President Obama and calls him a liar. More importantly, it sounds like Steve is up to two packs a day.

Fellow Vegas Gang-ster Jeff Simpson points out Wynn's stock chart since Obama took office.

Kinda funny hearing Steve Wynn talking about slinging baloney and malarkey.

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Dude, this is *Cavuto*. It's tradition to state something ridiculous and put a question mark at the end to abdicate yourself from all responsibility in a "Just Asking" sort of way. You know, the way Cavuto does with his chyron on the bottom of the screen.

Example: "Wynn Replacing LV Casino Floor With Giant Nightclub?"

Health care costs went up from 8% to 12%. Bummer. I wonder if Mr. Wynn would care to share numbers on how many of his employees can now afford to purchase a home in Vegas, that couldn't afford one three years ago. So no, not every measure is showing a decrease in the standard of living. I love Wynn, but by his own definition, he too is a liar.

Funny- If he were so concerned about his employees making ends meet, he might start by letting them keep all their tips?

I didn't know both rising health care and living costs were recent phenomonon. I thought he was going to ask for the Birth Certificate next.

Speaking as someone who owns and runs several businesses I can attest to the combination of declining dollar and increased overhead. The healthcare I pay for my people has increased over 30%, as have a variety of other fees and costs. Forget Steve's 8% to 12% and look at it as a 50% increase for no better services. That's 50% cost increase in his business. That's alot.
He doesn't make real money in Vegas and he's saying why...in his opinion of course.

The anti-Obama rhetoric just feels awkward and inappropriate in the context of this interview, which is set up with Cavuto praising the quarterly results for beating estimates and prompting Wynn for a discussion about how business in Vegas may be coming back.

Wynn just glosses over the numbers and instead embarks on his now standard political rant, which he has been doing more and more often in recent interviews, regardless of what he's been invited to discuss. Trump-Wynn 2012?

Cavato misses one important point, which CNBC has always been able to grasp when gaming stocks come up for discussion..Wynn and Sheldon Adelson are making their real money in Macau..not in Las Vegas..so the idea of "Las Vegas coming back" is not really happening..

Cavuto also missed an opportunity to question Wynn's own sophistry on the currency remarks. Seeing as Wynn Resorts derives quite a bit of its revenue from a foreign currency and then converts said revenue into a lower valued domestic currency, the company, the shareholders, and SAW himself stand to reap massive benefits from a devalued or devaluing US dollar. Who's the sophist now, Steve?

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