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The Big Game At Bellagio

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 21st April 2011 5:52am
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Ivey Room at ARIA

Here's something interesting, according to poker pro Daniel Negreanu, poker's historic 'big game' - the highest of the high limit games in Vegas - has split from Bobby's Room at Bellagio and gone to The Ivey Room at Aria.

Big Game at Aria

The last few times I've been over ARIA's poker room, it was one of the most active parts of the casino. Wynn's poker room has been hopping too.

It could also be that Daniel is trolling for action.... not the first time he's told a lie.

Doyle Brunson tweeted that the live rooms are "picking up like crazy" since 'Black Friday' an interesting trend to watch. I wonder how long it will be before we start seeing resorts pimping promos to distressed and stranded internet poker players. T-minus...

I know a lot of you out there are big poker players, has the closure of internet poker sites tingled your desire to play in a real card room?

Big thanks to VT megareader LVSparky for the tweet tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

The big game moved to Ivey's room a while back. Brunson, Laak, Dwan and others have been at Aria for a while. Daniel just now moved over there because he's been playing online so much practicing for his Islidur1 challenge.

Nice, I was just thinking of shooting you a note on this. I do find it funny that it's portrayed as Bellagio's bad management, throughout the years, the 'Big Game' has resisted moves at different times, flat out refusing at times to move and as we know MGM always intended for the Big Game to be at Aria and back when Aria opened many of the players said that it's unlikely to happen.

Does look like MGM was successful though in getting what they wanted all along. Now it should be interesting too to see what happens to Bellagio's room. After the Big Game left the Mirage, the room held on for a bit as a big room, but was on a downward spiral. Eventually they put it under new management with a new direction as a 'jackpot' poker room which focuses on more casual tourists and promo chasing locals. I can't imagine Bellagio getting to that point, but I'm guessing no one ever thought Mirage would get there either.

The last time I went to Vegas (back at New Year's Eve), Bobby's room didn't have anything going every time I went to Bellagio. However, every time I went to Aria's poker room, there always was a game running at Ivey's room.

Jean-Robert Bellande promotes the game at Aria often. And it's working well so far. It's a well managed room with friendly and attentive staff.

As for myself, I'm going to Louisiana this weekend (2hr drive) to play some poker.


for those that don't particularly care for Negreanu, here's some audio from the Opie & Anthony show from a few years back. Anthony was playing in the WSOP, and Negreanu was just knocked out, so Opie, Jim Norton and Joe Rogan talked to him, and made him veeeery uncomfortable asking him about his (then) ex-girlfriend's new sex life.

Not horribly surprised...Bellagio is on a downward spiral. Was there in March and they had $10 tables on a SATURDAY night. When has that ever happened? And the place was full of riffraff.

Who is the manager of the Bellagio?

Steve needs to take over again.

I think it's more of an exception than the rule. MGM has incentive for Bellagio to beat CityCenter, they make 100% of the profits instead of having to split it with foreign benefactors.

Poker probably isn't making the casino a huge amount of money anyway, MGM would probably prefer to move that game to Aria and then use the Poker space at Bellagio for something that can appeal to a wider range of visitors.

My guess is a sports book renovation/expansion, but that's just me.

Yup, I've been playing at Aria all week and Daniel has been there with the crew. Todd Brunson, Chan, Farha, etc have been around. They have less privacy at Aria so they must be really peeved at Bellagio. Honestly, my guess is that Bellagio is relieved for them to go since they are a general pain in the ass and the only point to catering to them is to draw star struck lower limit players to your room. Bellagio has plenty of business without them.

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