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Peep This Super Sexy Veer Penthouse Pictorial

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 21st April 2011 3:20am
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Veer Penthouse

Ever wondered what a Veer Penthouse would look like if you had a shipping container full of $100 bills to blow hiring a designer to do it up? Wonder no more...

Thanks to Contemporist, a City Center Veer Tower Penthouse designed by firm called Chemical Spaces has been profiled in fantastic hi-res pictorial goodness.

Slide show starts here.

If MGM were smart, they'd turn Veer into a hotel and hire these guys to redo all the units. I'll guarantee you both towers will be sold out every weekend forever.

Cosmopoliwho? I'm staying in a tower that is tilted to one side dude! #omg #baller #lickmydirtygroutanditalianmarblefloorsyo


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Comments & Discussion:

I know neither design nor architecture, but I know what I like. I could live in that space. The ceilings, especially, are intriguing, and look at the details like under-bed lighting. Wow.
I'm not into the trend of bedroom/bathroom being one space. Great site: http://www.chemicalspaces.com/flash/main.html

Like this or hate it, you have to give him a A for being different. While it's not really my style, and I wouldn't want to live there full time, I think this is a pretty amazing looking space. I don't tend to go for a super contemporary look, but this is very well done. It looks very Cosmo like to me. It wasn't until looked closer that I realized it was at City Center. Impressive Stuff.



Any idea on how much it costs to stay there?

chemical spaces did stuff at hard rock..

if exclusive resorts had done custom interiors, their vdara penthouses would be a lot more attractive (and valuable to members)

AcesUp13, either 3 or 6 month min lease...

not to mention, why would someone pay for those interiors and then rent, especially for anything less than a really high amount?


Seriously I wanna stay in the leaning towers. Definitely.
I LOVE the mirrored ceilings and furniture. WANT

Two other comments
1) Never do acid in a place like that where the ceiling and floor are made of the same design

Did Chemical Spaces come up with the Emperor's Clothes gimic too?
This place looks like it was done by 7 different people all working independently.
Prime example of how much one can spend and still be tacky.

Wow! Not me for sure. Looks like it was put together by a committee, not speaking to each other. No Thanks!

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