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VegasEats: Scarpetta at Cosmopolitan

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th April 2011 11:57pm
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Scarpetta is the sixth outpost of Chef Scott Conant's Italian(ish) food empire and one of two he operates inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Some of you probably know Chef Conant from such programs as Food Network's 24 Hour Restaurant Battle & Chopped, Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations (S8 E11) and this one.

The decision to dine at Scarpetta was made by Rich (editor of our sister website WinoTripping.com) as part of a wine centric tour of Las Vegas. I had suggested Chef Conant's other Cosmopolitan eatery, the wine and charcuterie bistro D.O.C.G. Enoteca, but after looking at the menu and wine list, Rich picked Scarpetta.

Scarpetta Logosign

We arrived on a quiet Monday evening and were met by the hostess bearing a heaping helping of condescending attitude. The restaurant wasn't empty, but it wasn't packed either... but still the hostess insisted that we dine at the bar. We said that we would rather wait for a table and instead were served a metaphorical dessert cart of furrowed brow huffiness. WTF did we do to deserve this? Given my past history being on the receiving end of Cosmopolitan service f'ups, I was |this| close to walking out. Fortunately, the hostess removed herself from the immediate area giving Rich the opportunity to deal out a coupla hands of snarky, mood elevating comments.

Scarpetta Diningroom

She returned with the news that they had a table for us, pawned us off on a server who walked us down to the end of the bar and into one of the mini cocktail table nooks... in the bar. For fuck's sake.

Scarpetta Bar Tables

Photo is from Cosmopolitan's opening day, they've since changed the table top settings.

Hard to tell from this photo, but these circular booths are really really really low to the ground, definitely not the perfect dining arrangement for those of us who enjoy life to the fullest. By the middle of the meal, my legs started to fall asleep kinda like the airline cramped leg thing. Also worth noting that the table itself was wobbly. When we told our server, she said "yeah, it's broken." Thank you hostess for putting us not only inside the bar, but at the known-known busted table built for miniature sized people.

Fortunately, the rest of our Scarpetta experience was quite delightful. It only takes one employee.

Rich ordered two glasses of wine, one for him and one for me. He drank both of them. I helped.

Scarpetta Bread

A runner arrived with four types of hot bread and three spreads, whipped mascarpone butter, eggplant caponata and lemon infused olive oil. The proscuitto foccacia was particularly delicious. We plowed through two baskets of this stuff.

Scarpetta Shortribs

Primi Piatti: (starters) Braised Short Ribs of Beef with farro risotto. Absolutely divine... possibly one of the best dishes of all that we ordered. The beef was succulent, tender, sweet and slightly tangy. Wow.

Scarpetta Wagyu Beef Tartar

Primi Piatti: (starters) Wagyu Beef Tartare with cured egg, parmigiano, toasted hazelnuts and sea salt. This was a little uneven and clunky for me. Some bites were overly chewy and almost bland, while others were total salt bombs.

Scarpetta Duck Foie Ravioli

Paste: (pasta) Duck and Foie Gras Ravioli with marsala reduction. Another stellar dish, pairing beautifully braised duck with foie gras inside a ravioli of Chef Conant's phenomenal wheat semolina pasta. Another gangbuster.

Scarpetta Spaghetti

Paste: (pasta) Spaghetti with tomato & basil sauce. Here it is, Scarpetta's world famous plate of $24 spaghetti... approximately 4oz. This is the second time i've had this... previously at Scarpetta in Beverly Hills, and both times it truly lived up to the hype. Tasty pasta and incredibly rich sauce infused with garlic and basil. Wow.

Scarpetta Cheesecake

Dolce: (dessert) Mocha Swirl cheesecake with espresso sorbet, graham cracker crust. Very tasty, I did wish the sorbet had a little more espresso pop. I also wish I didn't totally botch the photo of this.

Scarpetta Zeppole

Dolce: Zeppole with Nutella center, vanilla sauce and candied hazelnuts. Nutella oozed out of these like an obscenity. Wow. Just wow. The vanilla sauce was drinkable.

Exquisite food and our fantastic server Marissa more than made up for the B.S. attitude from the snot nosed overgrown teenaged hostess. I'm certainly thankful that I didn't walk out when presented with the attitude. However, this kind of nonsense should never be part of the hospitality equation.

Total bill: $155.66 with tax, tags and two glasses of wine.

Scarpetta Bill

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Comments & Discussion:

I've pretty much had the same experience - three times now. That hostess stand is seriously the bitchiest place in the entire resort.

I encountered s similarly snooty/condescending host at Jaleo in Cosmopolitan. It was almost like the fact that we had dared to show up without a reservation was a personal insult. It wasn't even crowded and there was no one else waiting!

I'm going to assume that these hosts are hired based on their looks, and not on their customer service skills or apparently the ability to smile. Luckily, the quality of the food made up for the attitude of the host (except for the lobster paella -- too salty).

Another excellent food review, thanks!

The food looks great, but seriously, that booth looks like a penalty box. I wonder if they distributed a photo of Chuck around the resort with instructions, "If you see this guy, make sure to really fuck with him."

I've actually come back to this post to look at the food. Seriously.

Jaleo to? Someone should page Jose about that. He never stands for awful service at his DC restaurants.

Attitude always makes me decide to eat somewhere else. The food looks good but those tables look about as comfortable as prison bunks.

^^Ditto. Chronic snotty hostess syndrome, confirmed by JohnD, I'll pass.

We experienced the same thing in January and went to Comme Ca instead and had excellent service and food there instead. I really want to try Scarpetta in June but why should I spend my hard earned money somewhere the staff doesn't appreciate it

I can confirm that Comme Ca had a couple of great hostess' working the front. The snotty hostess is not property-wide.

The hostess stand at Milos has always been extra-friendly as well. Same with DOCG.

The hostess at China Poblano was exceptionally rude to us...but Holstein's was a good experience. A Wicked Spoon host (possibly manager) even helped me find a cup of coffee when nobody else would get me one.

She need to train with the wonderful hostesses at Comme Ca and DOCG. They were both wonderful.

Well, since you brought it up....
Our dinner in January at STK began with a host and her crappy attitude and graduated to a waiter who really did care less.

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