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The Motherlode of Casino Project Renderings

By JohnH on Wednesday, 20th April 2011 3:13am
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Galaxy Goddard Group

A little over a year ago, we turned your attention to the masterful artistry of Jeffrey Schneider. Thanks to Mr. Schneider and his decision to post all of his Wynn Design and Development renderings onto the Internets, we were given an unprecedented view into the design process of Wynn Monaco and Encore Las Vegas. As is wont to happen with almost every thing on this beautiful planet, Mr. Schneider's website was swiftly shut down. It was over a year ago, but for posterity's sake, let us all share a moment of silence for that site. And move right on to bigger-but-kind-of-less-impressive things.

Enter Rhetroactive, a boutique design lab of Goddard Group. A Hollywood-based design firm, this wonderful collection of professionals has been tasked with not only creating renderings for a multitude of Strip and Macau-based developments, but more in line with all of our interests, has also posted those renderings to that beautiful invention that is the World Wide Web.

Want to see what Bill "Nah, the Trop can handle another 14,000 rooms" Yung wanted to do to the Tiffany of the Strip? Drill the term "MEGA-MALL" into your cranium and go, right, ahead. Ever imagine what the Venetian would look like if Uncle Sheldon had an inferiority complex? Look no further. Caesars Palace as Circus Maximus Circus? Videre! Cosmopolitan or 'Hershey's Las Vegas'?

However, the real mamma-jamma-you-need-to-see-these-to-believe-'em renderings come in the form of Cotai's Galaxy Megaresort. Thought that aquarium at the Mirage was iconic and impressive? Compared to this, it's your dentist's fish tank. Thought the animatronics at the Forum Shops or the Tree of Prosperity and Wynn Macau were the collective pinnacles of shopping center-based entertainment? Think. Again.

[ Super high-res versions of all of these photos and much more can be found on Gary Goddard's super slick, yet impossible to navigate website. Find a project, mouseover the post it, click X then look for the right left arrows on the sides. Wow. - Ed ]

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Comments & Discussion:

MGM Korea looks like Jurassic Park.

Phantasy - Andrew Lloyd Webber's Personal Gambling Saloon and Whorehouse
Mini-etian - Before it got its Cialis ER scrip.
Desert Kingdom - IE Busch Gardens Las Vegas
PHo Beta - Thank god they bought a fixer upper.
The Island at Trop - To borrow from JohnD, where's the Hammond's Copter Ride?
CP Expansion - Huge concrete donut and, well, more water on the strip?

Side Notes:
Gone With The Wind looks like a Mayan calendar. And holy fuck that website made me nauseous.

I didn't know that you guys didn't know about this.. I somehow found it back in October but I thought everyone else had seen it too. The Trop stuff is really interesting.. I am honestly glad that never happened. I imagine at river ride through the resort would have made that place fucking humid.

Wow, I had to remove myself from the computer for a few minutes so I wouldn't get sucked in and lose the rest of the day. The Sheraton Desert Kingdom, circa 1994, was interesting; I wonder if that was something they had considered building on the Desert Inn property, or if they had a different site in mind?

I think the Desert Kingdom was planned on the DI parking lot, where most of Wynn Las Vegas now is. The Planet Hollywood renderings are also concepts for the DI parking lot. Not sure which one came first. I like some of the different concepts for Caesars. Would have been interesting to see some of those come to life.

Man you're not a kidding. This site is nice looking, but very hard to get around. Gheeze!

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