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SLS Las Vegas Hotel Room Designs Uncovered

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th April 2011 2:52am
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Here they are folks, the photographic evidence of the planned room renovations for the rebranded Sahara... SLS Hotel Las Vegas, as designed by former SBE Senior Design Manager in conjunction with Philippe S+arck design.

There are three photos in total and one floor plan in the set.

SLS Las Vegas Hotel Room Designs

Spiffy, in a raw reclaimed industrial loft space sorta way, an aesthetic I certainly appreciate. I'm not so sure if this grim modernism will sell on Orbitz, though, particularly at a $300/nt price point when you've got 3,000 or so rooms worth of this stuff to sell each night.

Furnishings are sharp, even if they have that big box Scandinavian store style. I'm positive that the king bed room - the bed placed diagonally in the room - wouldn't last too long in an actual hotel housekeeping world. The intention is to have the room feel like a "party area or picnic in the room." Looks like the after party to me.

Another curiosity... do any of Sahara's hotel towers have windows that big?

Also worth reading is this 2008 article from Boutique Design, which describes a lot of what was - and still is? - planned for SLS Las Vegas.

So whaddya think? SLS Las Vegas... fact or fiction? At least now we know where a big chunk of that $30M bucks went - (Philippe Starck).

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Comments & Discussion:

Interesting, but the problem with Starck in general is that his designs and colors are so barren and cold to most that I would dare not stay in the hotels. (The exception being the Hudson in NYC, which offsets the odd chartreuse he loves with brick making it warm.) I had quite a few of the Starck for Target (don't knock cheap designer items) pieces in my younger years, and while very mod, they were decidedly cold and I ultimately got rid of them.

I could see this selling in a smaller format within a larger hotel concept (IE Echelon's Mondrian/Delano/Shangri-la) but 3000 rooms? Nope.

Interesting to note, Google a video of Starck shopping for designer goods for a project at Big Lots in Hollywood. Interesting what he came up with for pennies.

Note that the room in the window reflection in the picture here doesn't match the room concept. I can even see that familiar fluorescent glow of a low-priced hotel room's bathroom lighting.

@Min don't be put off, Starck loves fluorescents. Not afraid of the harsh light at all, especially in his more nouveau-prison designs.

I think the first thing I would do upon arriving in the king room is to call housekeeping and tell them they need to come push the bed back against the wall where it's supposed to be. Sofas and tables in the middle of the room, of course. Desks in the middle of the room, happens sometimes. Bathtub in the middle of the room, rare but fun and sexy. Bed in the middle of the room... No, no, what the hell were you thinking no. The rest of the space in the room is decimated by that idea. And shouldn't the 2 queens room have the double closet and bathroom while the king room has the single?

From an aesthetic standpoint they're quite visually interesting rooms. From a practical standpoint I don't want to stay in them. I want my room inviting and soft. This is stark, and cold. To their credit, I'd certainly spend more time on the casino floor if my room looked like that...

You mean $30/nt price point, right?

Prison Sex Las Vegas... sign me up.

Is the flooring carpet or linoleum?

Linoleum. Most likely Armstrong. Bacterial resistant and bleach-able. Win/win.

These rooms evoke the warmth and charm of a 1970s Soviet apartment block. I think I'll take a pass.

Yech, it reminds me of the new very cool Hard Rock rooms done on a Casino Royale budget. I hate this look, there are so many things in that photo that make me think cheap and scuzzy, I'm surprised someone didn't get fired for these mockups.

What's with the shower curtain in the third shot off the website too? No wonder this property closed.

Jinx, you don't want to know how expensive it is to make it look that cheap.

CJ, that I can guess at but you are right I probably wouldn't want to know :)

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