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Cosmopolitan Bungalow YouTubed

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th April 2011 1:40am
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A neato video of Cosmopolitan's Bungalow #8 has been posted to the YouTube. Check it:

Looks great!

Thanks to mac89103 for the tip!

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Surprised the keycard worked.

Anybody else noticed how remarkably quiet it was for a room literally inside the nightclub? Pretty impressive. Wish I could say the same about the décor of the place.

Also, the same YouTuber has a video of a Wraparound Terrace Suite on the 68th floor that isn't exactly the same late-80s low-rise apartment décor Wraparound we've all been stuck with. The entry foyer is dramatically different and the suite in general is more luxurious with some major Vegas kitsch thrown in.

Link here:

Myself and several others have commented that while we love the public spaces of Cosmo, we wouldn't like to rest our heads there. This isn't only because of the service flaws, but also the prices they're charging for some seriously cheap looking rooms. If there are more room types like this Wraparound however, I'm sold.

SPECTACULAR! You could easily fit 6 people in the shower on the 2nd level (if so inclined)!

Very cool space. Remember this is foremost a daytime cabana for the pool area and secondarily a night venue for outdoor pool deck concerts. As such, the furnishings and decor need to withstand lots of chlorinated water.

I still think the most likely use for these will be corporate parties; especially with rates north of $10k. Does anyone know if they offer catering packages and whether you get free VIP admission to concerts and/or Marquee?

Let the debauchery begin! I love the 3rd floor deck overlooking the Bellagio. Decor-wise, it appears it was designed for easy cleaning, which is probably a good thing considering how these things likely will be used.

I want to live in that Bungalow. Just love the different levels. Porn local FTW.

Yes, but where is the chinchilla hammock?

damn that looks so sick! If only I could ever stay in one of these!

I'll have to disagree with MikeE though i've stayed in the wraparound suite and nothing about it felt or looked cheap IMO

Hey thanks for posting my video. I searched around and could hardly find any pictures yet alone a video of the bungalow so I decided to do a quick walkaround for youtube. And @socalduck we're not all douchebags! lol. Did you see how quiet we were? haha. And yes everything was made to be easily cleaned. Our butler said the living room area on the first floor can be outfitted with stripper poles too. lol

We also had Bungalow #9 as well which I just posted here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPWsvyIqrtc&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

The decor is a little different but I personally like 8 much better. The red carpets look pretty tacky to me but to each their own.

Anyway, thanks for posting the video and I'm glad you guys liked it!


@socalduck: lol sorry for the reading fail. The bungalow is indeed made for debauchery. Everything from the over-sized showers that you could easily fit 10 people in to the couches that are made of plastic so that they can be easily cleaned, almost every area of the bungalow is made to get your naughty on.

@parchedearth: In regards to the VIP admission into Marquee, we just walked out of our room and into the club from the pool deck haha. Concerts are also taken care of as well.

@MikeE: Re the wrap around suite, I've heard this from a number of people and I've personally seen a wraparound suite on the 33rd floor and it was drastically different from ours on the 68th.
Maybe the higher you go the more upscale the suites become? Or maybe they're renovating from the top down? I'm really not too sure whats going on.

@Parchedeath - you're wrong about a couple of things. The Bungalows are part of the hotel, NOT the nightclub/pool. It is a HOTEL room, with housekeeping, room service, butlers, and everything else you would expect.

The HOTEL rooms have been occupied by casino marketing guests probably 95% of the time. There have been a handful of corporate events (less than 5) since opening, and on a select few occasions, Tao Group VIPs have stayed in the Bungalows.

Admission is waved for the club and pool, and Bungalow guests get first right of refusal for tables & cabanas. Marquee can send a security guard to the room to ID & stamp/wristband everyone, and there is private access to the club & pool. You CANNOT get bottle service from the club in the bungalow, nor will the pool employees serve you inside the bungalow gate. There is a very clear division in that respect. You're also confused about the bungalows serving as a venue for watching concerts...concerts are at the BLVD Pool, while the Bungalows overlook Marquee Pool. The noise and people in the video are merely an extension of the nightclub, and not much fun to look at, believe me.

@MikeE - The Upgraded Wraparounds you refer to are 6678, 6778, 6878, and 6978. Each has a connecting room ( __79 on each floor) and include butler service. No renovation to speak of, the only construction is on the 60/61st floor of the West End.

Hope that clears everything up.

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