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Baccarub at Aria

By MikeE on Monday, 18th April 2011 1:08pm
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Summer of last year, I was holding my own in Encore's baccarat salon pressing my bets to stacks I normally wouldn't be comfortable with. Considering the level of candor I had built with the pit bosses, I thought I'd try my luck at a joke of a request. I had read somewhere years ago that one of the major casino floors on the strip was offering back and shoulder rubs to players. Surely, if they offered it at a blackjack table, how could it not be readily available in high limit? And so, I jokingly asked for one seeing as my theoretical to the casino at the moment would probably never be that high again.

As expected, the pit boss kindly turned me down even though I knew that if my black chips had magically turned yellow, the request could be easily accommodated.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago. I'm walking through Aria and notice a man at a baccarat table with one woman standing behind him and another kneeling beside him. The kneeling woman was giving the player's left hand a massage while the one behind him was rubbing his shoulders and back. At another table, another therapist was working out the knots for yet another player. Turns out, it was an outside company (see previous link) Aria was using for its high limit players.

This certainly isn't something new for the ask-for-anything-so-long-as-it's-legal, seven-figure credit line crowd, but these guys were spreading a relatively "modest" $100-$500. It's nice to see Aria add a unique and luxurious amenity in what has to be the most sterile high limit room on the strip. Makes me almost want to play there.


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Had a neck massage in the Monte Carlo hi-limit room about 3 months ago. I'd like to see a lot more of this.

Massages at tables have gotten quite popular at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL. This is at regular tables. Not sure if there's a charge or purely tips. I'll ask next time I'm there. Don't know about high limit room since I never enter that rarified atmosphere.

Not so sure what the big deal is. It is quite common to be able to purchase a massage at our local cardroom- a dollar a minute while playing poker. No big fuss at all. And it makes it a lot more pleasurable when you are not getting any cards and spend most of the evening folding!

on our trip in march at the regular tables we were offered a massage at both MGM and Mirage.

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