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Cosmopolitan Evacuated

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 12th April 2011 5:45pm
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Reports all over Twitter are stating that the ceiling of Blue Ribbon Sushi has collapsed, water is flooding the second floor retail promenade and it is raining in the Chandelier Bar.

Daily Fiasco says they'll have an "official statement" from Cosmopolitan soon.


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Holy hell!! NO don't destroy Chandelier Bar! We haven't seen it yet. Haven't even been to the new hotel and the damn thing is already collapsing.

Are the people that built that Harmon the same ones that built the Cosmo??

Can't tell if you're kidding or not but the answer is yes.

Hope no one is hurt.

Damn, I have a rez at Cosmo for June 2 -5. Looks like I may need to review my options...

I seriously doubt any evidence will be obvious after say, tomorrow.

The "official comment" is that it's a broken cold water line.

They'll definitely have crews on site to mitigate things in order to minimize the disruption to the overall operations.

Perini has their hands in a lot of Vegas projects. They also built the D Gates at LAS, as well as the under-construction Terminal 3.

I smell a great fake Trip Advisor review out of this one....

^I hope it's a water line and not... lets say... the pool...

That would be a worst-case scenario, and one the Riviera could testify about.

hopefully its cleaned up by this sunday. thats when i get to see the Cosmopolitan for the first time

I must have missed this by an hour or two...wow...just ate Blue Ribbon earlier.

this wouldn't be the first time the hotel has suffered a severe water pipe burst. something similar happened in the west end tower prior to opening flooding several halls.

They don't build 'em like they used to!

I have a feeling this will be cleaned up in a matter of days, maybe a couple of weeks at most. In my 450 unit condo building a sprinkler pipe busted on the 45th floor sending water down 20 stories into dozens of units. Even with the complexity of coodinating with multiple unit owners all the damage was cleaned up within a couple weeks. Its amazing what these recovery companies can do.

This sort of shows how a rumor can get out of hand. One burst water pipe somehow morphs into a pool cave-in on a restaurant below and a hotel evacuation.

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