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Ooontz Upon A Time

By Misnomer on Tuesday, 12th April 2011 1:44pm
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Wynn Oontz

A trend has taken Wynncore
And from what my eyes have seen
There are DJ booths and speakers
Where once stood slot machines

You can call it Techno
Or you can call it House
Swing a dead cat in Steve's place
And you'll probably hit Deadmau5

Where folks came once to marvel
At the décor Rog Thom made
Now they flock to Encore Beach Club
To party with Kaskade

Beside Wynn's Lake of Dreams
Where the focus once was food
There's a DJ sitting Lakeside
Where once cooked Dan Boulud

Fine dining no longer is the draw
Who cares 'bout Sinatra's pesto?
What the people want is dubstep
Play that beat, Tiesto!

The party's clearly audible
From high-floor hotel rooms
The Blushing desk clerks warn
That there's nothing they can do

Is Wynncore leading in luxury
With all these pumping fists?
When patrons have to weave their way
Through the guest list-line at Tryst?

I loved Wynncore as it was
Please forgive that I'm possessive
But a DJ now at every turn
Just seems a tad XS-ive

Lest you think me old and crabby
A cranky, club-offender
I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em
I'll see you at Surrender

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Comments & Discussion:

Bravo! Bravo!

I guess its time to start head'n back to the 'llagio...

@Romaman Just wait till the new club opens where Fontana Bar was... no place is safe anymore! :) Thankfully I have come to accept this new fate for Vegas and embrace it by staying out all night so the noise doesnt bother me.

When last we stayed at Encore we decided that between hearing the passionate cries of our male neighbors through the walls, and the oontz pounding against the window, that Uncle Steve's chocolate curve surprise was no longer our dessert of choice.

ChiCell is right, there is no turning back any more. For better or for worse, this is the Vegas of the '10s. Complaining that there's no premium luxury environment and everything is all about nightlife, is like people back in the early '00s complaining that there's nothing for their kids to do and everything's too fancy and expensive.

Brilliant! So true. Last time I was in Encore, I said goodbye.. because the place is NOTHING like it once was and I don't have a desire to hang out with D-bags from Orange County spending their trust funds. No thanks! I still don't think I'll like a room as much as the Encore resort rooms, but I'll put up with lesser rooms to avoid that shit.

Personally, I don't mind the expanding nightlife, generally speaking. For Wynn/Encore though, it's rather out of step of the image they once held. It's just too much at this point where it has become trashy.

As for the clubs (night and day) overall, I wouldn't mind, as stated, but I DO mind as I rarely ever bother going to any. It's just such a damn ordeal. I go to Vegas to relax and have fun, not wait in line to get into some mediocre club for a discounted price if not perhaps free or not wait in line but pay a full cover (especially when females get in free and quicker... I don't know why more people, guys especially, aren't bothered by this). It's just too much of a hassle. And the usually lame, manufactured music aside, these clubs just aren't fun.

I went to Haze and it was literally a damn hallway and a walk-around loop. Everything was roped off as VIP and security is just all over the damn place. What kind of fun is it that?!?! Stand all night by the bar, can't sit anywhere, everything is roped off, security all over thinking they're above the world. So not fun, and certainly not the Vegas that is advertised.

If the clubs would be more relaxed and less up-tight, would be much better. Heck, even the cover might not bother me that much if they could just drop the damn shit let people enjoy themselves.

tower at encore doesnt help?

"[clubs] could do over $150 million for us, with a profit margin in the mid-40s. So we're really happy about that."

I hope there is some hyperbole in these comments--I am going to encore solo in three weeks for some r and r, not for d-bag central! Please someone tell me there really aren't dj booths in the casino

Kind of a double-edged sword. I was a club kid, so I love oontz oontz, but have never been into the premium price these clubs charge. 300-500$$ bottle service is just a rip, especially when the DJ's/music generally isn't at the same "premium" level.

I'd like to imagine there is a strong market for a mid-tier club. Something nice, but without all the velvet rope bullshit, reasonable bottles (mayyyybe)...just overall more reasonably priced. I can think of pros and cons both ways, but it just seems like some of the mid-tier casinos (or hell, even downtown casinos) are leaving money on the table.

@NavinR - if you're going on the weekend and you have a south strip view, make sure that you have a high floor in order to avoid the oontz oontz eminating from Surrender until 4 am, or just request anything with a north view. You'll be fine with a south strip view on the weekdays as Surrender is closed.

I think Lakeside is a great move from a culinary standpoint, as the Strip is turning toward recession values and finally anyone who is still in the middle class can enjoy the Lake of Dreams without having to pay extra for imported Duck Lips and Yeti Steak.

But, electronic oontz oontz? Yeah, staying at Aria and wandering through Crystals to Cosmo when you get bored is looking a lot better than moving between Wynn and Encore.

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