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Michael Phelps At Encore Beach Club In A Speedo

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 11th April 2011 7:01pm
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Phelps Bong Hits Vegas

This Saturday, April 16th, Olympic medalist Michael "Strong Lungs Will Unclog That Shitty Plastic Bong" Phelps will be performing (?) appearing (?) at the OPENING CEREMONIES of the Encore Beach Club inside of Encore Las Vegas.

Mr. Phelps will start the opening ceremonies by modeling the new Roger Thomas designed, Steve Wynn signature Speedo. Upon completion of the modeling portion of the ceremony, Mr. Phelps will swim from one end of the pool to the other using all six strokes he won medals with. He will also dolphin over the cat walk and magically take a bong hit in mid-air, return to swim the rest of the pools length, jump out, hurdle over pool chairs, bounce off a cabana roof and land inside the Switch dining room where he will funnel 2lbs of thinly sliced prosciutto.

Mr. Phelps will also be on hand to assist ladies who need work on their breast stroke.

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Comments & Discussion:

How can a dood with such big ears swim so fast?

i can't believe i neglected to use the word "Douchelympics" in this post.

Douchelympics are scheduled for the closing ceremonies.

whew, thanks for the pass.

Stop hatin' on Michael Phelps. If you had that much lung capacity, what would you do with it? Take huge bong hit, that's what.

Spyder: He flaps his ears to increase his speed.

Ahhh, Maryland's finest...of late anyway. The only way he could be more Balmer would be to have competed in the Olympics in a half orange/half purple Speedo with a heroin needle in one arm.

This dude only looks normal when he has that swim cap on. As soon as he takes it off he looks like one of the Hills Have Eyes people that were mutilated in nuclear Nevada desert testing

it's like watching Alfred E Newman.

i wonder if he's gonna marry the 2035 equivalent of Kris Kardashian, then fade into obscurity as his new daughters-in-law get 12 reality shows on E!

Awesome chocolate-curve Graphix! A head shop in the Es-plan-ade, perhaps?

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