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Sinatra Dances Out The Door At Wynn

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 6th April 2011 2:21pm
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An ESP transmission from the labyrinthine network of caves deep below Wynn Mountain that contain Steve Wynn's secret Laboratory has told us that their "Sparkling and brilliant!" "Mesmerizing" "This is love at its most exuberant, frustrating, exhilarating, exasperating best" show - Sinatra Dance With Me - will cease dancing upon the grave of the great Frank Sinatra on April 23.

From what we know there is no truth to the rumors that Sinatra Dance With Me will be replaced by GWAR. We can only hope.

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One thing to remember is that the show's run was a limited one to begin with, as it was originally supposed to have ended at the end of January (January 29th, IIRC.) and got extended to essentially an open-ended run.

yes sir. noted and understood. just telling the wynn o philes they've got three weeks to get their sinatra dancin' shoes on or forever hold their piece.

The show is running through April 30th, but its final performances sold out within a week of them announcing it. Its a wonderful show (I've seen it twice myself and recommended it to others), and its too bad that Wynn doesn't make it permanent. They need a better permanent show besides Le Reve and the occasional Garth Brooks Un-Retired Talk Show.

I'd have to wonder if a GWAR residency could work. Or hell, a full-out GWAR casino? Instead of the Party Pit, the Bloody Pit of Horror! Girls dancing in full Slymenstra uniforms in the middle, flames all around. The cocktail servers could even be the Stage Slaves. It's like it was made for Vegas.

I got covered in fake piss at a GWAR show. Good times.

GWAR would fit nicely with Surrender. Where's the like button

@RateVegas,you sure it was fake? I've been to a couple GWAR shows, and got sprayed with something once, pretty sure it was real!

Of course the entrance to the casino would have to be the World Maggot.....

Vegas would be the ideal town for Sleazy P. Martini.....

You know what would be a funny gag, you get Beefcake The Mighty walking around Caesars Palace......

They would be graet doing weddings in the "Slave-Pit" Salon.

I think a resident Gwar show would be awesome at Excalibur. Or hell, maybe it could rescue Sahara from the moth balls!!

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