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Reconstructing The New Rooms at MGM Grand

By Blackjacker1979 on Wednesday, 6th April 2011 2:09am
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As our fearless leader reported in a previous post a bit of scouring of an FTP site over on VegasMessageBoard.com has led to documents being leaked about the model rooms being built for a possible upcoming room renovation at the MGM Grand.

Turns out that FTP leak is more like splitting aces 4 times and getting a paint for each one.

MGM Grand Renovated Rooms

From what I've been able to read from the leaked plans, the whole overall look is the same homogenous modern style that is a hallmark of MGM's de-theming movement, with a bit of spice thrown in for good measure. Warm earth tone paints, rich gold textures and trim, and a bit of stylish crocodile print Caesarstone™ (on the window sills, not the bathrooms for some reason beyond me) show us that maybe, just maybe, they're serious about competing with product at the higher end resorts popping up on the strip.

But here's where the problems begin. It seems that although the models are going through as planned, MGM is line by line cutting a bulk of the renovation ideas. The end result is a tangled knot of mess that's turning into more of a soft goods renovation than anything substantial. But that doesn't mean they aren't trying to irk every bang they can out of the limited buck.

So is this the result? No one except the contractor knows for sure. But here's what I've been able to sketch up based on the documents contained on the open FTP server.

MGM Grand Renovated Rooms

This is the non-bed wall of the new Deluxe King room. From the line items, it looks like original plans called for a special hallway wallpaper which has since been nixed for gray paint on the entire wall. A new TV unit, custom built for MGM, will support a new 42" LCD HDTV, a sensor-based minibar unit, and interior storage. New art and a refurbished mirror round out the look.

MGM Grand Renovated Rooms

And on the other side, a new bed setup, a desk and more mirrors than a narcissist's bedroom. It seems the existing headboards will be refinished and accompanied by a ceiling high three panel upholstered unit. The walls on either side of the bed will mirrored in a modern stacked brick pattern, perhaps giving the room the illusion of being bigger. MGM did this to Treasure Island during their 2002/3 renovation cycle. In addition, there will be new clean nightstands and lamps, one of which will contain a top opening safe drawer as well as a new work desk and lamp, all custom made for the project. Unfortunately we can't be sure of the materials of these items, because all are either custom or cut from the project.

Also of note, the rooms will be getting new custom carpet, floorboards, artwork, and possibly motorized curtains. The cost cuts have come at the expense of bathroom renovations. Instead of the major demo work originally planned, the bathrooms will be fit with fresh coats of paint, wallpaper, framed art, lit wall mirror and adjustable shower head, enough modernization to tide things over until Celine Dion is finished saving Las Vegas.

One thing is certain, the MGM Grand is due for renovation, perhaps more so than Bellagio, and MGM appears to be moving forward with this project in one way or another. I'll be curious to see the final project, and to see if the line item cost cuts turns what could have been an amazing renovation into something more like Trading Spaces: Vegas Edition.

I guess we'll know if Paige Davis starts hosting at Hyde Lounge.

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Comments & Discussion:

Can the sexy time bed be the type that you put a quarter in and have the whole thing vibrate? I want to stay in one of those hotels..

@RockChick I tried to do some wavy lines, but the whole thing came out a bit too Fifth Element for me.

Two great posts which show the tough decisions MGM has to make on expenses. The number of deletions of upgrade items, and penciled in comments like "too expensive" cause concerns. If MGM can still pull it off, good for them, but if the entire project doesn't elevate MGM Grand to the appearance of an upper-medium end property, it will be a costly mistake. At least the new shower heads will serve guests more than 5' tall. I like the idea of the safe being top-opening in a nightstand. I hope it works. Even with MGM Grand's size and l-o-n-g hallways, it is an exciting property.

Random side note about the long hallways, did you know that the MGM Grand at the time it was built (and I think to this day) is the largest precast concrete building ever constructed? The walls, and floors were all precast, then lifted in place like a house of cards. All electrical wiring and conduit/plumbing was pre-installed and tested for expedience of building.

Blackjacker, no I didn't know about the construction. I do know I stayed there in 1994 when MGM gave free rooms to all shareholders coming to the Annual Meeting. I walked into my room, and the toilet had overflowed before I even got there (Shades of Wynn . ) The engineer who came up said the building's construction was all screwed up, and that there weren't enough plumbing vent stacks. Stayed there many times since and never had a problem.
As long as I'm rambling, I took my Mom to Vegas in '94 when she was 84. The little things impressed her, like warm chocolate chip cookies being served to her in MGM Grand's high limit slot room.
Her real highlight, though, was when I took her to Bellagio for her 90th birthday in 1999, and she saw Steve Wynn surveying the scene from the back of the elevator lobby. I knew how casino services worked, so I told everyone it was her 90th, and she received a dozen roses, fruit bowls, etc. Don't worry, I reciprocated by leaving my money in the casino :(

Mixed feelings on whether MGM should try to get back into the higher-end mix or resign themselves to middle of the pack. I definitely don't like their continued adherence to the modern look. It's almost as if they use the same designer over and over again without listening to any customer feedback. also, bathrooms are always the key to upgrading a room.

The West Wing rooms have mirrors all over the walls too, though they had REALLY nicely done bathrooms (in my opinion).

I know Bellagio is due for an upgrade, but It's probably safer to leave it as is while these jokers are in charge. Even if they come up with a very tastful and appropriate renovation plan at first, I'm affraid they'll start making cuts to important elements like they're doing at MGM Grand, and what we'll be left with won't even be worth it.

I imagine this will look all of the other recently renovated rooms in the MGM portfolio. I am shocked that we're not getting one of those flatscreen-desk-counter top thingies they love to use now.

That open FTP has some pretty cool stuff on it, still haven't looked thru everything.... kudos to the guys who found this. The Trop stuff is really great.

Those all inclusive desk units are extremely cost inefficient. In a boom economy when TI, Mirage, and Aria were conceived, it made perfect sense. Nowadays a generic unit is much cheaper and although not as nice looking can manage to get all the same stuff done.

What's the average amount of time that we actually spend in a hotel room?
Why would they spend so much money on a renovation?

You spend money on a renovation so that when I am in the room I am comfortable. In a 24-hour day you are in the room at least 10-12 hours if you figure you sleep 8 (yes even in Vegas), get ready to go out, recharge in your room before going out or sit there trying to figure out what you are going to do that day.

Last time we were in Vegas we spent a LOT of time in our room for the first time ever. Probably because it was huge and had a bitchin view, but we had room service breakfast there one morning, sat in the jacuzzi tub a lot watching TV, just relaxing and glad to be out of Fuck-it's-Hot-Florida

I stayed in a standard room in the main tower at MGM Grand a year ago. If I recall correctly the bathrooms had marble counters and floors and were quite large with two sinks. The shower and tub were not separate, but the tub was large enough to take a nice bath. The only places I've stayed with nicer bathrooms are Wynn and Bellagio. IMHO, MGM is right to focus on upgrading the bed, bedding, and other furniture in the room. The bathrooms are fine. Blackjacker1979, thanks for the interesting article and construction tidbits. Do you know when was the last time MGM Grand updated their standard rooms?

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