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It Only Takes One Employee

By MikeE on Tuesday, 5th April 2011 2:18am
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I won't beat a dead horse. I'll only begin by saying that even after almost four months of operation, we've all come to expect that a stay at Cosmopolitan is a gamble in and of itself. It's safe to say that you've hit the jackpot if you're among the rare few who hardly sees a line, gets a working room key on their first visit to the front desk, and finds that their room isn't already occupied. But the sad reality is that a stay at Cosmo means you can expect at least one of these issues among a myriad of others.

And yet, sometimes it only takes one employee to turn everything around. Sometimes that one employee will have you reconsidering a resort all over again. I met that one employee at Cosmo last Saturday night.

It was around 10pm. The food and beverage outlets seemed to be at total capacity and the resort was an absolute sea of people. As my group of friends and I walked our way towards Vesper, I asked that they keep going while I stopped by the Identity desk along the way. I had left my card back home and was expecting to do some gambling at Cosmo later that night. With license in hand, I explained to the employee behind the desk, Harvey, that I already had an account and would just like to grab a card. He punched some numbers and said, "I see you've only got 187 points on your card. Is that correct?"

Well, now that you bring it up...

You see, during the whole opening fiasco, none of the systems were working properly and I pretty much gave up on getting my hotel spend points credited to my account. I figured that I'd take care of it when I got home, but then after hearing more horror stories from friends about getting put on hold with Identity for inexcusably long amounts of time and being transferred from department to department, I lost all hope in getting the near 7000 points I was entitled to.

So when Harvey asked, "Is this correct?" I muttered that my hotel spend from opening night wasn't on there. He took a notepad out and said, "I'm going to walk over to the front desk and take care of that for you. What charges can I expect?" He started jotting down details as I dictated that I had booked two Wraparound suites each for $330 per night. I insisted that it really wasn't a big deal and that frankly, I wasn't really in the mood to spend precious Vegas time at his desk waiting for things to get sorted out. What he said next really took my back:

"Go enjoy yourself. Where are you going to be? I'll meet you there."

I told him to come find me at Vesper and headed back in awe. My friends - themselves all too familiar with Cosmo's service issues - saw the shocked look on my face as I approached the bar: "The guy at the Identity desk is reviewing my account and crediting my points from opening night. He said he's going to find me here." They chuckled. And actually, so did I. I mean, at this point, most of us had lost all faith that this resort could do anything right, let alone, see an employee take ownership and matters completely into his own hands.

Still chuckling, Harvey found us at the crowded bar with a printout of my portfolio: "Mr. E, yes, I do see your two Wraparound suites as well as other food and beverage charges you hadn't mentioned to me. I will go ahead and credit all of these to your Identity account immediately."

The next morning, I logged in and the points were there. Amazing. And you know what happened next? I checked Cosmo's rate calendar for the first time since coming back from opening.

That's the power of one great employee.

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Pics or it didn't happen.

@Dramman It's Vegas. Nothin happened. And I'm stickin to it. ;)

That's what you call a heartwarming story... Vegas style. Thanks for sharing, Mike

Had a very similar experience myself with Identity. Cosmo has some great employees willing to go the extra mile. I wonder how long they can keep up morale.

I can easily see this having gone the other way depending on the tone of his question and if you really only had 187 points. While it turned out to be a great experience I would think they'd want employees to say "I see you have X points, is that correct?" and leave out the only.

This was very much my experience at Cosmo the weekend before last, with employees more than willing to go the extra mile. That said, from my conversations with some of them, I do think that overall morale will be the challenge - their employees are already feeling the crunch of the limited gaming dollars in. Let's hope that this becomes the standard treatment at Cosmo.

This right here, is why I would love to work in the hospitality business. I'm 25 and have done a fair share of traveling throughout the world, in both my kid years, teenager, and even now. Everywhere I've gone there's always been that ONE person that makes my whole trip awesome. This hotel I'm staying at in Berlin, we booked a suite for 4 nights and a single room for the 5th night since we're leaving on a train at 11pm and don't want to meander all day till we leave at 11. The hotel called me a week ago and said "There's no point in moving you to a single room on the last night, we'll just let you keep your suite and pay the single room rate for the last night." THEY GOT IT. They understood I was booking the cheaper room for the last night because I was only going to be there until 10PM, I only wanted a place to shower before we leave for the train. It's ALL IN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

unfortunately, when it is just one employee, its probably just a matter of time before harvey is poached by four seasons, mandarin oriental, or villa services.

assuming harvey's actions were allowed by cosmo policy, they do deserve credit for that though. if not just allowed but encouraged, even better.

RockChickX51, besides independent properties, the only companies that REALLY get it are four seasons and amanresorts.

speaking of which, what hotel in berlin?

you might check out soho house next time youre there.

Thanks Mike for a great story on several levels. It is for service like this that I will gladly pay and spread the word. BTW, did you perchance email the department head to credit Harvey? Might keep him there a bit longer too.

Very nice story Mike, I have to agree with you, at the end of the day, your whole experience can come down to one exceptional employee. I've mentioned it before, but I know one employee Cosmo hired that used to work at a place I frequented regularly on the strip and it sounds like they've hired more like him, as you ran into one. Someone who understands the need to own small issues, and isn't afraid of going the extra mile for a customer.

Great story. Love reading this kinda stuff.

I had the same type of experiences last month. Glad to hear it wasn't just blind-luck good customer service. Hope it lasts/becomes the norm there.

They had a list of all your previous expenses? Why didn't IT spend a little bit of time to do an audit to check if their systems were syncing points with customer spending?

*GREAT STORY* MikeE, except I'm confused about this 'concept' of PAYING $$ for rooms in Vegas..... ;)

I had nothing but great experiences my whole trip at the cosmo and would highly recommend it to anyone. This really does seem to be the only site that I visit that had issues at Cosmo, everywhere else it gets great feedback

@dawgfan, most people aren't staying there, they're walking through and hitting restaurants, clubs, casinos. cosmopolitan's opening issues are a documented fact, they fired their VP of hotel operations two months in. NOW we are starting to see them get their shit together (finally).

Cosmo hired a new VP of Hotel operations, but I have an attention span of a ferret so I forgot her name. She's from Ceasars, not sure if that is a good or bad thing xoxo

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