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VegasEats: La Cave at Wynn Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 4th April 2011 4:51pm
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I just realized that I with all the Cosmopolitan opening hubub I never got around to posting the VegasEats photo review of La Cave at Wynn las Vegas from last December. Oooops!

La Cave Entry

La Cave has been carved out of 1/8 of the slowly evaporating Terrace Pointe Cafe.

La Cave Bar

Immediately to the left is a bar with very helpful bartenders who know their wines and alcohol. The selection of booze and mixers isn't as expansive as other bars.

La Cave Flatbread Bar

On the opposite side is a tapas bar, where diners can watch chefs prepare food while noshing away on small plate delicacies.

La Cave Vino Veritas

The front room features a long dining table for larger groups lit in neon by "In Vino Veritas" - which roughly translates to 'the truth is in the wine.'

La Cave The Decor

The front room is separated from the main dining area by this neato wall of latin sayings. I have no idea what it says, but can confirm that it isn't garden variety Lorem Ipsum.

La Cave Dining Room

The main dining area features an array of densely situated, incredibly small tables. You will most certainly get to know your neighbors as we did, discussing menu options and fielding questions about recently tasted dishes.

La Cave Terrace

For those who wish to have a more traditional dining experience, there are a number of tables on the terrace which overlook the Wynn Las Vegas pool.

La Cave Fruli

I started not with wine but with a Fruli Strawberry beer. The first 2/3 was delicious, after that it became a bit of a sweet bomb to continue swilling. Unfortunately, La Cave no longer serves this, but they do have a lower alcohol raspberry beer which should be ordered with a shot of vodka.

La Cave Lump Crab Cups

Delicious real lump crab.

La Cave Bacon Wrapped Dates

Anything wrapped in bacon is jackpot.

La Cave Three Sausage Flatb

Three Sausage Flatbread - saucy, cheesy, salty, sausagey... this was divinely delectable.

La Cave Banana Bread Beer

Keeping with the fruit motif, I moved onto a Wells Banana Nut Bread beer. Frothy. Yumtastic. La Cave offers all sorts of good stuff for non-wino drunkards.

La Cave Sea Scallops

Diver Sea Scallops, perfectly seared sitting atop a crusty croquette of polenta. Wow.

La Cave Baked Clams

Baked clams were the only miss of what we ordered.

La Cave The Bill

Total price for two with wine, beers, tax, tags and smog check was $129.72. I was invited to dinner as a guest by Admiral Hunter H. Hillegas from RateVegas.com, he mentioned in his post about our dinner together was that it was comped by Wynn Las Vegas. His being comped did not affect these photos or words in any way.

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Comments & Discussion:

Sounds/looks like the food is pretty good (from an appetizer/tapas viewpoint). They have a very good beer list (although I'm a little surprised by Chuckmonster's fruity choices - given his predilection for fine scotch). Of course, the cave is foremost a wine bar and from that perspective I think they have a good selection of mid-level wines. I was disappointed they don't have more top-flight wines; either by the glass or in the bottle. I want a Wynn 'certified' wine bar to at least offer some of the best.

Aside: The serving plates have a devil's head stenciled on them. As a superstitious gambler, I'm not sure how I should be interpreting that.

@parchedearth - i was surprised by my beer choices too. not a big wine drinker. stopped by for a wine centric jaunt last week with @winotripping, he studied the wine list and will be writing about it in the coming week or so.

As I think I wrote back in December, I really enjoyed this place and think it's a great addition to WLV.

Kind of nuts the bottle of Pellegrino was more expensive than the strawberry beer.

In the hyper-inflate world of Wynncore, $130 for two isn't half bad. Excellent photos, I wanted to reach out and grab that lump crab right off the plate.

That beer looks awfully tasty.

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