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Final Edition Sahara Casino Chips

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 1st April 2011 10:33pm
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Final edition Sahara Casino Chips

The other day I headed over to Sahara to say goodbye. As part of the ritual, I stopped by the casino cage to grab some of the final Sahara chips for my collection. Much to my surprise, the people at the cage told me that they are not allowed to sell chips for fear that they will run out before the property is officially closed. The current limit on chips they are allowed to sell are two (2) $1 chips per person.

This is easily solved by check changing and give them a little action at the craps table. In addition to the $31 in chips I took home, I donated $46 to the Sam Nazarian Really Fucked This One Up Trust Fund.

Sahara will close on May 16th, 2011.

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Comments & Discussion:

I was allowed to buy three $1 dollar chips at the cage yesterday.

I brought a $5 dollar home with me last weekend. After the beating I took at the BJ table I wondered why I didn't just keep a $1 chip?!

In twenty-five to thirty trips to Las Vegas, I have yet to set foot inside the Sahara. I've never felt compelled to. However, I do have a chip collection, so I guess I'll check the place out and buy a couple while I'm in Town later this month. Thanks for the heads-up, Chuckmonster.

You are very much a historian if you haven't ventured inside the Sahara. One of the oldest properties on the strip.

I agree somewhat slv. However, unlike the Stardust, with it's notorious past, the Sahara, even dating back to the early 1950s, doesn't have the same mystique. The Del Webb connection does make it visit-worthy at least once though.

Sadly the Sahara died for me when the destroyed the old pool and the nice restaurants. It's been a concrete jungle of a hotel since.

I'm getting into town on May 15th. Looks like I will get one last chance to stroll around the place and pick up a couple chips.

I went to Sahara once. I wanted to eat at the NASCAR Cafe, but it was closed, so I played $20 in a slot machine and split.

i think the Sahara closed for me on my first trip to Vegas (only three years ago mind you) and I wanted to check out the place with so much history, where Frank and his boy played, etc. But upon walking in and seeing the stained blackjack tables, the dirty carpet, the Nascar cafe (what the what?!), and the toothless, humorless blackjack dealers...well lets just say that I haven't been back...

those are some crappy looking chips too.

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