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VegasEats: The Whopper Bar at Rio

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 1st April 2011 12:26am
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Rio Las Vegas Whopper Bar

Twenty years ago, I worked for a butcher. My main responsibilities were cleaning up the butcher room and all the machinery at the end of the day. As a result of this and some other food issues I stopped eating beef until about 18 months ago. Upon the cessation of my cessation, I ran hog wild into beefdom eating and cooking every cut type and shape I could imagine, often buying gigantic cuts from the meat shop and butchering them at home. In addition to this, I went on a month long burger binge - trying and tasting every fast food and gourmet burger I could wrap my drooling mouth around. I decided that the best fast food burger, by far, was Burger King's Whopper. The ultra meaty burger, bathed in the goodness only found over a flame, coupled with ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce and ample condiments was the run away winner in my flavor and satisfaction index. I'm not saying that everyone should love the Whopper. I'm saying that I love The Whopper, whose correct pronunciation is the same as a 1979 Burt Reynolds movie. Say it. Home of the Whopper.

And boy was I excited while waiting on line for the Chippendales show when I spotted the brand new Whopper Bar at the Rio.

Rio Las Vegas Whopper Bar

The Whopper Bar, for the uninitiated, is sort of a mash up of Burger King and Subway but instead of cold cuts, they have 25 different fixins/sauces to dress your burger up in. A veritable Build Your Own Whopper operation, but you don't do the building, just the imagining. And the eating. There are six "favorites" on the menu, but you can easily off road it by making a burger of your choice using the 14 toppings and six sauces they offer. Being in the middle of a week long drunk binge, I opted for expediency and consistency and ordered the "Bourbon Whopper" favorite.

Rio Las Vegas Whopper Bar

American cheese, bacon, iceberg lettuce, onion rings, tomato and an alcohol free, bourbon flavored sauce. The end result is sorta like the Carl's Jr. Western Bacon Cheeseburger.

Rio Las Vegas Whopper Bar

Voila... the Bourbon Whopper.

My issues were few... for full Whopper effect the lettuce needs to be crispy, tomatoes juicy and dripping with guts and placed on the mayo side, not the burger side. This way the tomatoes and the mayo turns into a ball of slimy deliciousness.

A detailed look:

Rio Las Vegas Whopper Bar

The Whopper Bar offers two types of bacon, the Bourbon Whopper uses the Pepper Bacon. Damn it was good. As expected, I wanted to puke and take a nap for about an hour after eating it, but that is pretty much par for the course for any fast food. I'm already plotting my return trip - Double Whopper with 2x smoked bacon, 2x pepper bacon, Cheddar & Pepper Jack, and Angry onions with Angry sauce.

The server was great, charming, flirty and fun. She laughed in all of the right places and so did the Whoppermeister who assembled the pieces and parts. The bill came to $8.91 and 910 calories for the Bourbon Whopper and ~140 calories for the Dr. Pepper (I only drank 1/3 of it.)

Rio Las Vegas Whopper Bar

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Comments & Discussion:


Nice review, Burger King was the second place I worked and I put on a ton of weight during that time, and got to the point where it was essentially all I ate in high school. (mind you, I have a hearty appetite, so do your own imagining). I agree that the Whopper if it's fresh off the grill is by far the best fast food burger. I do fear the ingredients BK puts with it though as I can't remember anything on the regular line that didn't appear to be the lowest common denominator of condiments. And from the pictures it appears they haven't changed in that manner.

They really could go with a new bun, better lettuce, and better tomato. But just my opinion on it, a new bun would do wonders for them piling up the condiments.

Man, I haven't had BK onion rings in years.

I declare that I am not a fan of these fast food joints posting the calorie content of their meals.

If they don't serve booze, they have no business using the word "bar" in their name.

If they do serve booze, excellent.

Ok, I will say it: In-N-Out burgers (specifically the double-double with cheese and grilled onions) trashes anything Burger King makes. It's not a matter of opinion or personal taste, it is simply a fact. End of discussion.

I would agree with socalduck on his point. I havent eaten at a Burger King in years and this twist wont change that at all. In-N-Out is way better as is Fatburger if I am in the mood for a burger in Vegas.

I don't get the Vegas love/hype BS of I&O. There are lines at the drive through. I heard people talking about it at the Mirage WC. It's fast food. Fast food is fast food. It all tastes like garbage.


In-N-Out is good, and I guess the Vegas love for it is because many of the visitors from back East don't have them at home. I'm sure that once they open in Texas, folks will head to the Dallas area just to get their fix...

Look at the Steak 'n Shake that recently opened in Vegas; they're doing mad business because the nearest locations are in Texas and Oklahoma.

We've got two Fatburger locations here in the Atlanta area, and they both do quite a bit of business because of the reputation the place has. It's a good burger, but I'd rather eat at Five Guys if I'm going for that type of burger.

But is In and Out good compared to the million other options that are actually on the strip? No.
I would pay an extra $6 for a BLT, Burger Bar, or Stripburger any day of the week. Anyone who wouldn't do the same is falling into silly hype. In and Out is fast food, they also force religion on their employees and customers, and their fries taste like styrofoam.

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