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MGM Grand Hotel Renovation Documents Leaked

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 31st March 2011 11:11pm
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MGM Grand Room Renovations

A pair of crafty Undercover Bosses on VegasMessageBoard.com have unearthed a bundle of contractor documents outlining pending hotel renovations at the MGM Grand. The documents are readily available for download via an open FTP server of one of the contractors in charge of the renovations. They contain detailed purchasing and requisition instructions for paint, carpet, fittings and furniture manufacturers who will fulfill these orders as renovations progress.

From what we can ascertain, the entire hotel will be renovated - hotel rooms, bathrooms, elevators and landings, hallways and the central rotunda. Perhaps the most interesting part of these is that they contain freshly annotated instructions and deletions that were made in the last week!

After reading through them, we can decipher that the room will be be done in a beige, brown and panda (yes, panda) color palette and will feature new hard goods throughout. It is also apparent by the many deletions that MGM Resorts has very recently decided to severely cut costs on the renovations. At the last minute they have axed custom MGM stinger wallpaper in the closet, vinyl stitched wall coverings and have decided to NOT replace the aging toilets with new porcelain thrones. Tall people will also be happy to know that the shower height will raised by adding an adjustable bracket where the pipe comes out from the tile. The tile in the shower will not be replaced as will the existing bathroom counter tops will also remain.

The bathrooms will get new hardware, lighting, new door handles, new door hinges, paints, wall covering, new shower fixtures (these were great), curved curtain rods and have an electric mirror. The famous laundry line - one of the last remaining in Las Vegas hotel rooms - will finally be removed.

The rooms will get a 42" LCD TV, new LEED certified carpeting from Northwest Carpets, carved Caesarstone Motivo platform units mounted adjacent to the windows, desk nook, new chairs, and a new couch. The wall upon which the vinyl/LED lit headboard will be covered in mirror. Other walls were to be covered with a custom printed wall paper but that has also been scratched. New doors, trim molding, room placards and door handle/card readers will also be installed.

Unfortunately, there are no photos/renderings of the rooms contained therein. If you have one, get in touch!.

Big huge thanks to VT uberfriend Donnymac66 for the tip.

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Hmm sounds interesting. How long would such a renovation take?

i think wynn did theirs in 6 months. mgm grand is larger.

Awwww, I'm gonna miss the b&w classic movie star prints in the rooms. They were among the last things left of the MGM that symbolized it's Hollywood theme.

What? No more Naugahyde chairs and blue velour sofas? Is nothing sacred any more?

How long will these specs remain online? MGM should demand security measures from all contractors/vendors.

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